DIY Spa At Home – Foot Care + Pedicure

DIY Spa At Home - Foot Care + Pedicure

Last week I received some amazing nail polishes from Trind to try out. It was perfect timing as my daughter was going for a sleepover on Saturday. That means I would have a few hours at home with nothing to do. I guess I could have cleaned the house but to be honest I didn’t want to do that. So instead I made a mini DIY spa at home. 

I was sent the following colours:

I was also sent Nail Revive. My nails are pretty strong so I have not used it as directed. I did put it on my finger nails and it give off a nice shine. I have trouble keeping color polish on my nails as it chips off easily. I like the way Revive looks. 

Trind Nail Revive – is a formaldehyde-free nail strengthener for those with weak and brittle nails.  This unique formula works to strengthen nails while maintaining flexibility so nails don’t split or chip.  Thin or damaged nails will become strong and flexible.  The Nail Revive is applied to the nails like regular nail polish.  Combine it with the Trind Nail Balsam for the ultimate nail care!

DIY Spa At Home - Foot Care + Pedicure

I wanted to take full advantage of the child-free time so I headed out to the dollar store to grab some supplies to make the best at home spa possible.

What you need:

  • Nail Polish
  • Foot Scrub
  • Moisturizer
  • Marbles or glass beads
  • Warm Water
  • Bowl – large enough for one or both feet
  • Towels
  • Optional: Jug that looks like a fish

I picked up the glass beads and foot scrub at the dollar store for under $5. Just because I was pampering myself at home it does not mean I needed to spend a lot. 

DIY Spa At Home – Foot Care + Pedicure

Set up in a relaxing area

I set up my at home spa in the living room. I put a towel on the floor and one on the couch. If there are any spills you have easy clean up. Place the glass beads in the bowl and fill up half way with warm water. 

Prep your feet

Clean off any old nail polish and cut your toenails if needed.

Time to relax

Soak your feet in the warm water for 10 minutes. Make sure you are comfortable and make time to relax. This is time for you. I watched a show on TV, but you can put on music or read a book. Your choice. Roll your feet over the beads for a mini foot massage. If you cannot fit both feet into your bowl you will just need to alternate the following steps.

Scrub those feet

After your feet have some time to soak it is time to use the food scrub. Dry off one foot and using a dollop of foot scrub rub the scrub into the bottom of you feet. Pay attention to any rough spots. Rinse off the scrub and dry your foot with a towel. Repeat with other foot.


Apply the moisturizer to the bottom and top of your feet as well as your calves. 

Paint Your Nails

As a finishing touch apply your favourite nail polish. I used Miss O’Hara by Trind. 

If you want to pick up some Trind Nail Products make sure you use the coupon CARING2For1 to get 2 for 1 pricing on all Trind Caring Colors until September 30.

You can also enter the giveaway below.

Good luck!

Trind Giveaway

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