3 Tips for Low Carb Meals

I’ve written before about the low carb diet to which I have most unwillingly subscribed. My strategy has evolved and here are my 3 Tips for Low Carb Meals.

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Although I’m certainly a carb lover, I do enjoy the challenge of finding ways to make food lower carb but still tasty. Here are a few of my favorite tips.

Settle for LoweER Carb

There are a million recipes on Pinterest that swap in cauliflower for potatoes and other carbs.

I’ve tried a few.

They look like the food I’m trying to make and taste like . . . cauliflower.

True, they are the same color as potatoes and somewhat neutral in flavor.

They’re also a totally different texture and add a lot of water that you may not want.

When I want to top my shepherd’s pie, I mash a bag of cooked cauliflower with a two or three potatoes.

It may not be LOW carb, but it’s better than it would have been and still has a satisfying resemblance to the original.

Similarly, when I make chowders, I add one potato because I’m a good Mainer.

I’ve got to have potatoes in my chowder, and one in a batch won’t kill anyone.

However, I make some of that neutral flavor bulk with button mushrooms. They’re very low carb and taste good.

Low Carb Pizza

A family favorite is pizza made on low carb wraps.

Just top with plenty of low carb toppings and put in the oven at 400F for 10 minutes or so.

Plate Meals

Meat is low carb, but guess what? Meat is expensive.

Although I like putting bowls of food on the table, I often choose instead to plate the food with a generous pile of more economical veggies and a modest but sufficient amount of meat.

Seconds are allowed! If you eat your veggies. 🙂

Yes, we cheat and have ice cream and bread way too often, but I appreciate having the satisfaction of at least lowering the overall carb consumption in our home.

How do you help your family eat healthy?

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