Stand Up Workstations at Home or Office


I fixed a mistake I made about 6 months ago when I bought a Stand up Workstation or Desk for my office.

I installed the new system but quickly learned that it does not have the adjustability you need to change from a sitting to standing desk; some people call a sit stand desk.


Sit stand workstation - Stand Up Workstations at Home or Office


The arms look good but it only raises the monitors up 7″ which does not get me into a standing position which was the objective.

So let’s start at the beginning . . . We sit A LOT!

We sit during our commute to work, we sit at work all day and yes, that commute back home too.

Even if you work at home you spend most of your day sitting.

Sometimes we even sit for a few hours in the evening watching our favorite television shows just a little too long!

Sitting is starting to take a toll on our health; we are becoming more inactive as we spend more time watching the screen (computers, tablets, phones, gaming etc.).

Some even say that “sitting” is the new “smoking”.

I’m no expert but I do value my health; physical, mental, social and emotional health.

We began looking at stand up workstations or some call them sit stand desks or standing desks.

We found this AnthroDesk – Sit Stand or Standing Desk here on Amazon

Check out the smooth operation of the electric motor as it goes through raising and lowering our new sit stand desk.



What’s all the fuss about a stand up workstation?

Well, a stand up work station gets you on your feet!

Second, standing helps you engage a little more.

It helps “turn your brain on” so to speak because you need to engage different muscles in your body when you stand versus sitting.

Some offices have a central location (like where I work) that we can use throughout the day.

This enables us to remove ourselves from our main workstation, stand up and complete tasks with all the tools we need.



How many hours a day do you sit?

This Sit Stand Desk by AnthroDesk is economical and about the same price as any fixed height desk you buy at Staples or any other office furniture store.

I’m not trying to tell you that you need a stand up work station but hopefully this post will get you thinking about how much you sit in a day and what little things you can do to change it up.

How many hours a day do you sit?

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