The Best Things About Travelling Alone

As many of you know, I am travelling alone today to to get some Momcation time.

The Best Things About Travelling Alone


I had originally planned on bringing my husband and 5 children, but at the last moment, I changed my mind.

In light of the change in plans I decided to document my findings on the differences I encountered.

The Best Things About Travelling Alone

I could choose MY radio station on SiriusXM

I LOVE Sirius Hits 1 on Channel 2 and I am a big country fan, and love The Garth Channel on channel 55 so I cranked it up LOUD and heard no complaints!

When arriving at my hotel, I made only one trip in from the car

Let’s face it, kids have STUFF! Some of the stuff that always needs to come to hotels with us include pool toys, entertainment devices, sleep sacs, woombies and of course, my stroller. The Best Things About Travelling Alone
The Best Things About Travelling Alone
These things are very important, but, tonight, I only brought in one carry-on suitcase (and my laptop and camera, I am at a blogging conference).

After checking in, I could head up to my room and just hung out here for a while

When travelling with the kids, I IMMEDIATELY must change into my swimsuit and check out the pool.

I will likely take a calming trip to the Jacuzzi later on, but for now, I can relax, write a post and enjoy some wine.

The whole room doesn’t need to shut down at 830pm

I can stay up as late as I like, head next door to the casino, enjoy room service, take a bath at 9:30PM (I know, living life on the wild side).

I have to set the alarm!

Imagine, not being awoken by a child? I know it hasn’t happened to me in about 18 months. And then, only twice.

This is one thing that people definitely take for granted! I can’t wait to hear that ‘beep, beep, beep’ in the morning.

I’m curious, what do you look forward to most when you are travelling alone?

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