What to Buy Your Mother-in-Law for Christmas

It’s not often that you find ideas for what to buy for another important person in life – what to buy your mother-in-law for Christmas?

I find it much easier to find:

  • Perfect gifts for dad.
  • Pretty gifts for mom.
  • Awesome gifts for your husband or wife.

We’ve all seen plenty of suggestions and gift guides for Christmas shopping. 

So here are some practical tips to get your creative juices flowing.


But it's not often that you find ideas for what to buy for another important person in life - what to buy your mother-in-law for Christmas?

What To Buy Your Mother-in-Law For Christmas


Ask your husband for advice

After all, this is his mother.

He might recall some gifts she really loved getting during his childhood.

Or maybe he can just ask her directly for ideas if you and she are not very close.


Enlist the grandchildren for help

Whether it’s putting a picture of your children on a tote bag or making a little scrapbook out of their artwork, your mother-in-law will love any kind of keepsake from her grandchildren.

Get the kids to make their Grand Mother her favorite Christmas Treats. 


Enlist you kids to help decide on gifts for their Grand mother. What To Buy Your Mother-in-Law For Christmas


Look and listen

Next time you’re at her house, pay close attention to your mother-in-law’s style and color preferences.

Take note of the last few outfits she wore.

Or try to find out where she likes to shop, because you can always do a gift card as a last resort. 



Add a meaningful message to just about any item for a personal touch. Ideas include “Thanks for raising the man of my dreams” and “Together we make a family.”

Custom jewelry can be made with beads or charms to represent each grandchild, or things that are important to her (faith, family, love, etc.).

Or just have her name printed or embroidered on a gift item. 


What To Buy Your Mother-in-Law For Christmas


Consider her personality

Having a hard time settling on a particular item? Go for an experience instead.

If your mother-in-law is adventurous and unpredictable, buy her tickets to a one-of-a-kind show (live comedy, tumblers from China or the Piano Guys in concert).

Does she love luxury and the finer things of life? Give her a spa day.

She might be a foodie, try a fruit-of-the-month club, a cheesecake sampler, a cooking magazine subscription, or something along those lines.

If she has a million dogs and cats, go for a Pet Smart gift card so she can spoil her babies.

Is she a big cheerleader for the athletes in your family?

Team gear or a fan shop gift card will go over really big.


Give the gift of health

If your mother-in-law suffers from a physical ailment, or has a chronic condition, there are ways you can tie this into some very meaningful gifts.

Finally begin thinking along the lines of comforting and pampering rather than “treating,” or it will seem more like medicine and less like a gift.

Luxury slippers, bath salts, cozy socks and lotions are great for someone with foot problems.

Personalized pillows are nice for someone with back problems.

Is your mother-in-law very sensitive to cold; a beautiful throw blanket or crocheted afghan would be ideal.

If she’s on a special diet for health reasons, find out what her allowed indulgences are and fill a gift basket with them.


Got any ideas to share for what to buy your mother-in-law for Christmas?

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