Summer Rainy Day Fun

Summer days can get boring when you can go outside and play due to rainy weather.

Though, feel free to go splash around in the rain and have some Summer rainy day fun!

But a rainy day can also bring thunderstorms here, and most often do.

Thunderstorms aren’t the type of weather I’m willing to send my kids out to play in.


Summer Rainy Day Fun

Board Games

Board games are a fun way to break up the boredom, plus they are a sneaky way to have you kids do something educational and to help prevent the summer slide.

There are lot of board games you can play with your kids, JR. games are available of most “adult” games.



Having paints, or even just crayons on hand can help with boring rainy days.

Drawing pictures, creating their own books, or if you and your kids are feeling extra creative, you could try your hand at melted crayon art.

Just head to Pinterest and search “melted crayon art” and you will get tons of ideas and instructions on how to do it.


Summer Rainy Day Fun


Science Experiments

You don’t have to do a big science experiment, maybe just something as simple as mixing together vinegar and baking soda, or vinegar and baking powder.


Get Out of the House

This is the perfect time to head to the library or museum, or the like.

You won’t feel like you are wasting a sunny day inside.


Movie Night/Day

Pop some popcorn, and turn on a movie.

But maybe, before you do that, make a fort to sit in and while you watch your movie and snack on your popcorn.

This isn’t exactly summer rainy day fun but it tastes good.

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You never know some of these Summer Outdoor Activities for Families might become a tradition for your family each summer.

What some of your rainy day boredom busters?

Please tell us how you escape boredom – comment below!

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