Age Appropriate – Chores for Kids

Age Appropriate - Chores for Kids

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Age Appropriate – Chores for Kids

My daughter is 20 months old and has a daily list of chores. She loves helping out and loves doing what mommy and daddy do. So read on for a perspective on Age Appropriate – Chores for Kids.

As with anything in toddlers these skills needed to be taught and learned. At the beginning, she would watch me perform the chore and then we would progress to doing it together and now she will do them when I ask or even sometimes on her own.

Need chore ideas for other age groups?

Chores For Kids: Toddlers Under 2 Years

Here is my list of age-appropriate chores for a one to two-year-old.

Show Animals Some Love.

We have a dog and a cat. I think it is very important for her to learn how to pet them gently. She also needed to learn boundaries. When the dog is eating she is to leave her alone (this one is a work in progress).

Clean Up – Put Toys Away.

After bath time, she takes all of her toys and I put them away in their basket. She also puts her toys away in her toy boxes when asked. Sometimes she will hand them to me and I will do it but that is okay as well.

Clean Up Garbage.

When my daughter is done eating she will put her plate on the counter. Tip – only give small children plastic plates as the counter is a bit of a stretch. She will also put things away in the garbage (for example her banana peels).

Protect Yourself – Wear A Hat.

My daughter is very fair skinned so we always apply sunscreen and have her wear a hat outside. I consider her wearing a hat part of her chores as it is something she must do. Before we go to the door I tell her to get her hat (always put it in the same place) and put it on. At the beginning she would take her hat off when we were outside but then this happened we would go back in and start the whole process over again. She now understands when we are outside she put on her hat.

Clean Up – Face.

This chore is one that needs adult assistance. In the bath or after a messy meal my daughter is given a washcloth to ‘dab’ her face. She does a wipe but most of the time she needs an adult to ensure she is all clean.

Clean Up – Dishwasher.

My daughter LOVES to unload the dishwasher. She will grab all of the plates on the lower level and pass them to me one at a time. I must say I like this one as well as it allows me to be super lazy and not have to bend over to get the dishes :).

Shut The Door.

When asked she will also shut the fridge door, baby gate (it swings open and shut) and drawers.

What chores do your children do?

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