Stress Free Guide to Choosing Your Kids’ Fall Programs

Here is our Stress Free Guide Choosing Your Kids Fall Programs.

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Here is our Stress Free Guide Choosing Your Kids Fall Programs.

School is now in full force and that can bring on a whole new list of things to do as a family.

And also as individuals; making lunches, clean gym clothing and even finding the right activity for your child (children) to take part in outside of school.

It’s not easy finding the right fit for your child or your family.  

Sports and activities can be expensive, especially if you have more then one child in them.

Plus the cost of transporting them to their activities and juggling schedules can make your weekend pretty stressful.

Choosing your Kid’s Fall Programs

Keep It Simple

Focus on one activity per child

There is no need to have them in multiple sports; kids need down time too.

Change It Up

If they have played soccer all summer long why not change it up for the winter and try a different activity.

Meet New People

Look for a program where they will meet new people. This will give them an opportunity to build new friendships.

Try New Things

It doesn’t have to be an active sport they sign up for. There are art classes and music classes that can work their creative minds.

Choose Wisely

Some programs run for 8-10 weeks, and some for four to six months (Oct – March).

Make sure you have the time to commit as you will be the ones driving your children around from activity to activity.

Don’t Hover

Stay and watch them but don’t be afraid to leave them on their own.

It’s such a great way to start a conversation with your child, encourage them on how well they did or by giving them positive feedback that can go a long way.

Volunteer; to help the instructors or coaches with the activity (registration, cleaning up, getting supplies while the program is running etc).

Leave It Unstructured

Instead of registering your child for a fall program sit down as a family and come up with a list of 8 – 10 activities you can do as a family each weekend.

A few to try: apple picking, hiking, leaf collecting, baking/cooking a family meal.

The main point is that your children don’t need to be in the most expensive program.

They don’t need to be in an intensive and demanding program either.

It’s more important that they are able to socialize with new and old friends, play, learn, grow and develop their basic fundamental movements or physical literacy

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