4 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated On Tough Parenting Days

4 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated On Tough Parenting Days

Staying motivated is a tough thing to conquer on days where you feel like your running in circles and getting nothing accomplished. We’ve all had those days. Moms, no one is perfect. So your house is in shambles, your kids are running around like wild animals and your just worn out.

Is that cozy couch calling your name? Sure it is, but you have so much to get done. It’s the battle in your head. Been there? 

You need a bit of extra motivation on days like this. I have a few things that I do to get the motivation I need to get
things done that need to be on days where I just want to throw in the towel. 

4 tips to help you stay motivated to get things done

Make a list – Something about being able to cross things off a to do list makes me feel like I’m being more productive. Start with the smallest task, one that takes a minute it could be as simple as brushing your teeth.

Cross it off! It will feel so good you’ll want to keep going with tackling things that need to get done. 

Crank those tunes – There’s something about music that makes you want to move when music is playing. Sing out loud and work on the list ahead of you.

Even take a second to grab a kid and dance silly!

Set the timer – You will not believe what 15, 30 or even 60 minutes on a clock could do for your day. Set it and see how much you can get done during that time.

Beat the clock.

Game time – If you want your kids to pitch try to make it a game. Kids love games! Just like the timer this is a game to see who can get a room picked up first.

You vs them, kid vs kid doesn’t matter but racing against each other is fun yet productive. 

Staying motivated can be tough especially when you’ve had a rough day with the kids but you can be productive with these motivation hacks. I find when I do any or all of them I get so much more done which makes me a happier mom and there is more time to have fun! 

What motivation tricks do you use to get more done each day?

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