Pros And Cons of Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

Pros And Cons of Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

While most may not believe there could be disadvantages to sunscreen or sunblock, there are some drawbacks to both just as there are numerous benefits. Even with the best of sunscreen brands, you will have to face certain inevitable challenges. Here, we have developed a comprehensive guide to both the pros and cons of sunscreen vs sunblock. Hopefully with these tips, you can choose wisely as to which is the best option for you and your family.

Pros and Cons of Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

Cons of sunscreen

The leading recommended sunscreens can all cost $10 or more for just a tiny bottle. This makes sunscreen on a daily basis for a family add up quite quickly. In addition, many children will tell you that they just can’t stand the way it feels. Greasy and messy sunscreens can prove troublesome and sprays offer less than ideal coverage. Along with clogging pores and feeling icky, there is an unfortunate wait time associated with sunscreen which can seemingly drone on forever.

Pros of sunscreen

Obviously, sunscreen is a great skin cancer preventative measure that you can take to be safe as well as proactive. Any doctor or dermatologist will agree that daily sunscreen is the best way to stave off a slew of medical issues such as skin cancers and melanoma. As the most common form of cancer in the U.S., sunscreen is the least you can do to put up a fight. Aside from better health, limiting sun exposure can lead to beautiful skin. Skin free from wrinkles and sunspots is a great motivator for anyone concerned with the sticky feel or long dry time linked to sunscreen.

Pros and cons of sunblock

By far the most effective way to keep skin healthy and prevent skin cancer, wearing protective clothing can naturally block from UV radiation. While some may complain that it is simply too hot for certain protective garments, there are numerous special fabric blends that can limit sun exposure while leaving you comfortable and cool in the summer heat.

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