What To Do In Outdoor Parks This Summer

What To Do in Outdoor Parks this Summer

Summer is finally upon us which means more time can be spent outside! More time walking, biking, and swimming, maybe even a visit to your local park. Playgrounds, community parks, Provincial and National Parks are great places to explore as a family.

What To Do In Outdoor Parks This Summer


Local schools have empty playgrounds most of the time. Take advantage and schedule a play date with friends at your local playground.

Community Parks

Community Parks are popping up everywhere. Schedule a street-wide play date or event and have all ages attend. Bring some healthy snacks and there will be lots of fun to have.

Provincial Parks

Provincial Parks are a great place to learn more about your larger community, be in a “natural playground” where children, youth and adults can explore and have fun together. This might be a great place for a hike, picnic lunch or even a night of camping. Don’t forget to make Campfire Banana Boats

National Parks

National Parks are hidden gem as not many people have the opportunity to venture out to their local National Park. This is a great place to be out in nature, see some amazing wildlife and maybe try some new activities. Camping, canoeing, hiking and fishing might be one of your favourite activities to do BUT have you done this in a National Park?

There is very little you’ll need when going to some of these parks. You want to make sure that you have your sunscreen, hats, bug jackets etc. If you are going paddling, make sure you bring all the appropriate gear or make sure when you rent it from a local company they provide you with a lesson on how to use it all.

Don’t forget some of your family’s favourites: home-made bubbles, sports equipment and don’t forget about night-time activities. Star gazing and identifying constellations can be a fun challenge!

Next time you think about going to the Park, challenge yourself to which one and what activities you want to expose you and your family too.

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