Dinotown: Nostalgic Family Fun In Cutlus Lake, BC

Dinotown: Nostalgic Family Fun In Cutlus Lake, BC

Dinotown Funland in Cultus Lake, BC. Good Family FunIf you are from British Columbia, it is very likely you have been to Dinotown, or its former identity, Flintstones Park. In my childhood Flinstones was the go-to family destination. Designed like Bedrock City, there was a live show, water activities and a whole city designed to make you feel like you were in prehistoric times. 

Dinotown: Nostalgic Family Fun In Cutlus Lake, BC

Over the years Flintstones was changed to Dinotown. Although the characters changed, the family fun continued under the same ownership. In 1999 a family illness made it necessary for the owner to sell the land that Dinotown was on.  Dinotown had a few different locations before setting up in Cultus Lake, British Columbia at the end of June 2014.

Dinotown is now located on 5 acres and is open starting at 1030AM from now until September 1st.

Dinotown Funland At Cultus Lake, BC

 Last week I had the opportunity with 19 other bloggers and their families to spend the day at the new Dinotown Funland in Cultus Lake. We had a blast and I am going to tell you the keys to our family having fun.


Similar to previously,Dinotown has a water feature with boats. My kids had a blast. But their favourite attraction? The waterslide. Check out my son’s video below.


I don’t mean to sound cheap, but getting our family (2 adults and 5 kids) into attractions is not always feasible. Dinotown’s prices are what I consider appropriate and something we can do a couple times a year. With 5 acres of fun, it is a whole day adventure!

Toddlers (under 30″) are FREE

Kids (30-54″ are $11.95

Adults (54″ and up) are $9.95

Seniors (over 65) are $7.95

They also have adult discount coupons available.


You Can Bring Your Own Food.

This also has to do with cost for us. When telling my mom about our trip she specifically asked if we could still bring in our own food. She said that with the old Dinotown, that was one of the best features for her. She could pack a cooler and not have to worry about what her children were eating and how much it would cost. 

The Show!

Dinotown has a fantastic stage show with 4 dancing (and singing) dinos. My kids plopped themselves right in front and stared mesmerized by the free show. Later on in the day there was a parade led by the dinos throughout the park. 

There Is Something For Everyone.

The waterslide and some of the bouncy structures had height requirements. There were many other structures and areas that were perfect for little brother and sister. It is very unusual to make it through a family outing with my kids (aged 1-9) without one of them claiming boredom. I felt quite comfortable watching the little guys climb and play while the big guys jumped nearby. Along with Jennifer and Brayden from The Children’s Directory, we closed the park down. Us moms kept saying, ‘we should get going’, but the kids were having so much fun, there was no good reason to pack up.

My plan was to end this post at 5, but I can’t leave this one out!


A highlight of any visit to Cultus Lake is Frosty’s Ice Cream. Located on the same property as Dinotown, Frosty’s has over 50 flavours of ice cream. Smarties is my favourite!! (although Birthday Cake flavour was my 4 year old’s favourite)

And one more video, curtesy of Daddy Blogger to get you really excited!

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