Bento Box Ideas for Vegans

 Bento Box Ideas for Vegans

Bento boxes are known for being vegetarian, vegan and other diet-need friendly, so if you are a vegan it won’t be too hard for you to make a bento box that fits your needs. Just remember to add in the proper food portions and have some fun with ideas like these.

Flower power:

Did you know you can eat certain flowers? Yep! Many flowers are edible, and those make some fantastic bento box surprises while remaining vegetarian. Try putting in an edible Hibiscus or some lavender for a sweet tasting and unexpected surprise. You can also find dozens of ways to cook and prepare just about any flower out there, so experiment and have fun with flowers as food.

Get your proteins:

Proteins do NOT have to be meat or dairy, as so many people think. Remember that you need at least one serving of protein in the bento box, normally, buy vegans and vegetarians actually need an additional serving. This is because vegan diets are known for lacking protein. For your bento box, include a half cup of soy beans, one serving of tofu, or a half cup of mixed nuts to help you go without meat or dairy and still get what you need from food.

Mix it up:

Another problem with strict diets of any sort is that they tend to get real boring real fast. Don’t let this happen to you! When you plan your bento box meals, be sure to write down at least a serving and a half of a vegetable and a fruit that you will include daily, but plan variety. One way to make sure you have a good variety is to make each serving of produce a different color for the day. Yellow apples, red grapes, orange carrots, and green cucumbers, for example, will offer color, taste, and texture variety all in one meal.

Make your carbohydrates filling:

Finally, don’t go hungry! Make sure your carbohydrate serving in the bento box is filling. You can do gluten free crackers, or a piece of multi-grain bread topped with vegan cheese and cucumbers. Try a baked potato or a bed of rice to get the filling carbohydrates and starches you need. Do not make your carb serving a dessert like a cookie or piece of vegan cake. This will set you up for a sugar crash and you will get little to no nutrients from your carb serving.

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