30 Me Time Ideas for Moms

30 Me Time Ideas for Moms

To think I never had “me time” before I had kids is comical. I had all the time in the world to sneak in alone time and now those times are few and far between. It can be challenging to think about myself with a full house of loud kids, my husband, a rambunctious dog and the demands of a full-time job. However, do not despair, because with enough planning, creativity and time management skills “me time” is possible even if it’s a mere 5 minutes locked up alone in the bathroom – simply because you need time to think.

Here are 30 Me Time Ideas for Moms:

1. Simply lock yourself inside a bathroom furthest away and give yourself a pedicure, read a book or simply just be in sync with the silence. (You may need your spouse or partner to help you distract your kids from banging on the door for your attention). 

2. Rush to the nearest nail salon and get a pedicure/manicure. It’s relaxing and always makes you feel pretty afterward.


Mom Me Time

Writing and a Pedicure! Now that is mommy me time multi-tasking!

 3. Drive in your car alone and discover new parts of your town you never knew existed.

4. Grab coffee while you are driving throughout town or pop in and people watch. 

5. Make a phone date with a long-lost friend to catch up. Sometimes all it takes is a fun conversation to remind you that you are still capable of having a conversation that doesn’t pertain to spit up, potty training, or kids activities. 

6. Work out, go for a walk, jog or swim. Get the endorphin pumping! 

7. Get your hair done or better yet get it styled all pretty because you don’t remember the last time you had time to create beach-style waves.

8. Find time to spend on your hobby: writing, crafting, reading, etc. Whatever brings you joy, find it and do it. 

9. Go to the movies – alone. Gasp! I wouldn’t be caught dead doing this pre-kids, but now it seems like a luxury! 

10. Take a nap. (No judgement if this happens when you are watching a movie. See above). 

11. Organize your life, car, purse, closet – anything that will de-clutter your life. 

12. Grab your mom, friend or sister to go shopping for old times sake.

13. Play on Pinterest uninterrupted. Bonus points if you create a project based off a pin. 

14. Take a shower for longer than 2 minutes. Shave your legs. 

15. Get a massage or spa treatment.

16. Mediate or attend a yoga class. 

17. Geocache

18. Grab a glass of wine with a friend or two.

19. Blog 

20. Go on a date with your husband or partner.

21. Make a puzzle.

22. Disconnect from technology. 

23. Take a nature hike. 

24. Walk your dog who took a backseat since your baby was born. Remember, he or she was your first baby. 

25. Bake cupcakes and deliver them to that neighbor you have always wanted to meet but never had the time. 

26. Write in a journal. Write a note to your future self. 

27. Play solitaire. 

28. Go horse back riding.

29. Visit the beach and simply listen as the waves roll in. (If you are lucky enough to leave nearby to the beach; If not, perhaps listen to waves on your iPod and close your eyes to pretend).

30. Watch a reality show that you wouldn’t admit to watching publicly. 

In my opinion, finding “me time” is important to produce the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Your entire family will be better and happier for it.  

What activities do you enjoy during your “me time”? 

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