Makeup Tips For Summer

Makeup Tips For Summer

Anyone who wears makeup is all too familiar with the struggles of maintaining their signature look in the scorching heat of summer. With factors like steamy humidity, thunderstorms and oven like heat, we often find ourselves melting away instead of enjoying the sunshine. If you’re one of these poor, unfortunate souls, we have the necessary tips to get you through the hottest season while still looking cool and carefree. Follow these essential makeup tips for a stress free, sexy summer.

Makeup Tips for Summer

Eye Shadow

Try using sheer cream eye shadows as they tend to set in quickly and never really melt. Remember that summer is the ideal time to try new colors and experiment with your look. So consider saving cash by investing in eye shadow stick duos that offer both a bold and a subtle look for a sheer blast of color.


It is crucial for all who wear makeup to realize that the warmer months require less concealer. When the temps are high, less is more in terms of concealer and foundation. Focus only on the trouble spots like discolorations, dark circles and blemishes. Just a dab will do you and blend it well with a small brush for a natural appeal.


During the summer when the sun is high and hot, it is absolutely fundamental to shield your skin from UV rays with a foundation that includes sunscreen. Whether you opt for a tinted moisturizer with added SPF or a light hydrating foundation with sunscreen, you must protect your face from the sun exposure of the season. You’ll also want to keep in mind that thick or heavy foundations won’t hold up to the heat and can even feel uncomfortable. Stick with lighter formulas and keep your face clean and fresh.

Cool and Refresh

More often than not, a cool shower isn’t always an option. When this is the case but you desperately need to refresh yourself, try running your hands under cold water. Placing your cool, damp wrists on the back of your neck can soothe your hot skin and prevent a sweaty meltdown.

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