How to let Everyone Know you Bought a New House

There is nothing as exciting as getting a new house. For most of us, this is an outstanding lifetime achievement and might have been a lifelong dream.

The best part of it is usually celebrating this accomplishment with family and friends.

You probably want your loved ones to be familiar with your new home.

Aside from that, you actually want them to see it too.

Well, with that said, what better way is there to celebrate than planning a party at the new house? 

But first of all, you have to ensure everyone knows you got a new place. 

Packing for a move often takes longer than moving so learn how to manage it correctly here . . . How to let Everyone Know you Bought a New House

Here is how to go about it;

Plan a housewarming party

Housewarming is a casual event where you get to show off your new house to family, friends, and even neighbors. 

This is the time to not only highlight the notable features of your home but also to get yourself introduced to the community.

With that said, planning a housewarming party doesn’t have to take much of your time and money. T

his is because the event is supposed to be a lowkey one and casual.

Furthermore, don’t attempt to go into party planning mode right away.

You will probably still be feeling frazzled to have some fun, and for that reason, it may be a good idea to wait for at least a week or two.

Also, make sure the housewarming invitations are sent out to your intended guests a few days prior to the event.

This should give your guests an idea of what the party is all about and what they should expect.

Post some pictures of the house on your social media

If you are really the kind of person who likes social media, this is the best opportunity to show off your new place to friends.

You can take pictures of the house’s intriguing features and post them on your Instagram, WhatsApp status, and Facebook. 

Your friends and family on social media will definitely view the photos and know you have a gorgeous new house.

Besides, social media might also be the right place for you to invite some of your loved ones to a housewarming party.

But be careful with who gets to view your house photos, mostly since social media is filled with all sorts of people.

Create “We Have a New Home” Cards

In some instances, it’s not everyone who is interested in social media, and some people might miss out on knowing you have a new home.

That’s when the new home cards come into play.

It makes it extremely easy for all and sundry to remember an event coming up if you have planned a house warming party.

In addition, new home cards tend to be more personalized.

The person who receives it will undoubtedly feel valued and special.

Therefore, any time you want to get people to come and celebrate with you after moving into a new house, this is surely the perfect way.

Send emails

Emails are often underestimated, yet they are very important. 

Many people oftentimes check their emails on a daily basis and if you want to let your close friends know you have moved into a new house, then simply send them an email.

You can even take the opportunity to attach a few photos of the new home to the emails.

This can just be a way to let people know you have a new house or also serve as an invitation to a party in the new place. 

And finally, it can be easy to personalize an email since you will be sending it out to your closest friends.

Call them

Well, some people actually appreciate phone calls more than anything else.

But it’s not everyone who you can call and tell them you got a new house.

It has to be the close friends you talk to on a regular basis.

Phone calls have always been an excellent way to communicate important things to the people you care about.

Furthermore, it is instant compared to social media or emails.

So if you want to remind people of a party at your new place or just let them know you moved to a new house, then a phone call would certainly cut it.                               


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