10 Baby Products I never should have Bought

Baby Products I never should have bought but did anyways . . . duh.
I'm guilty of either buying, or receiving, every single one of these baby products. 10 Baby Products I Never Should Have Bought

I’m guilty of either buying, or receiving, every single one of these baby products.

Eight babies later, a boat load of baby products tested, I can look back and muse on the money we wasted.

Now I realize that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but read my list and see what you think.

10 Baby Products I Never Should Have Bought

White Hot Bath Duck

You know, the one that tells you the temperature of the water?

Most mothers find that’s it’s much easier to check the water with an elbow or wrist.

Who knew? Plus, trying to clean the mold out of the inside of rubber duckies is no fun.

Pretend Cell Phone and Keys

Because they will only be happy with YOUR phone and YOUR keys.

Big Tub of Vaseline

Not that there aren’t a couple of practical uses for it, but it can take YEARS to work your way through that monstrous container!

I have one in our bathroom cabinet that has been there for over 5 years. No joke.

Baby Hair Brush

I know babies are delicate, but most of those brushes have such soft bristles you could rub them across your eyeballs and it wouldn’t hurt.

We just use a comb.

Baby Shoes

I’m talking about the ones with soles, laces and all.

Just the other day I saw a pair of hiking books, yes hiking boots, in size 0-3 months!

Am I only the one that feels weird putting shoes on a tiny little infant?

They can’t walk, they can’t crawl and those little feet are so darn adorable, who wants to cover them up anyway?

Baby Bathrobe

Cute concept, but rarely used.

The last thing you want to fool with when dealing with a slippery, just-bathed infant is getting their wriggling arms and legs into a tiny terry bathrobe.

A big soft towel is the way to go. Or better yet, get junior dry and admire his adorable birthday suit for a few minutes!

Receiving Blankets

Not because they are useless but because you will get a truckload of all kinds of blankets from friends and family.

Besides, receiving blankets aren’t that great at receiving, whatever that means anyway.

As a new mother, I thought they were for wrapping your baby up in after a bath, but quickly learned they were too thin and too small for that.

I used a few of ours as burp cloths or emergency cloth diapers.

The others just took up space.

Every yard sale I go to has a plethora of receiving blankets for sale, most of them brand new.

That should tell you something.

Now I realize that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but read my list and see what you think. 10 Baby Products I Never Should Have Bought

Peepee Teepee

In our house, we cover the boys with a pre-fold diaper.

It’s not as cute, but it gives better coverage.

And they STILL nailed us a few times anyway!

Baby Forks

Because of safety concerns, the tines of these things are so fat, what’s the point?

A fork is supposed to spear food, and baby forks don’t do that, so just stick with spoons, or let them use their hands.

If you want baby forks that actually work, you may have to search on Ebay for vintage ones.

Baby Food Maker

I’m embarrassed to admit we used ours only once.

Because we found it was easier to just mash up food with a fork. Or buy it in a jar.

I had plans of preparing all this food in advance and freezing it.

I even bought the Super Baby Food book. Life got busy and my big plan never materialized.

The “soft” baby food phase blows by SO quickly anyway.

Blink once and they have moved on to biting and chewing.


Are there any baby products you think were a waste of money? Please comment below.

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