What Toilet Paper Should I Use with a Septic System? #MajestaEZ


What Toilet Paper Should I Use with a Septic System?

What Toilet Paper Should I Use with a Septic System?

I live in a rural area, not completely out in the woods but far enough from a major city that I have to worry about things like cisterns, wells and septic systems. What Toilet Paper Should I Use with a Septic System?

If you have never lived out in the country or have stayed in an R.V. for any length of time you may not have had the pleasure of dealing with a septic system before.

Let me tell you septic systems can be tricky and a little unruly. Septic systems are usually self-contained so they do not have the power behind them that a municipal system has.

The lack of power can make septic a little cranky sometimes. Sometimes they do not like it when you use too much toilet paper. This can be an issue as every now and then you need to use a little bit of extra toilet paper (…. you know what I mean).

We have a Septic System

We have a septic system where I work and it is a cranky one. Issues with the toilet system occur all the time. I work in a professional environment and toilet issues are not something you need to deal with in a suit.

I was thrilled when I had the chance to try out MAJESTA e-z flush toliet paper. MAJESTA e-z flush toilet paper is ideal for low flow and dual flush system, families with kids, homes on septic systems, cottages and RVs. The paper is specialty designed to break down. So, What Toilet Paper Should I Use with a Septic System?

Of course I had to try it myself.


Here are my results of the MAJESTA e-z flush shake test.

MAJESTA e z flush Leading Brand Test #MajestaEZ

MAJESTA e-z flush Leading Brand Test

MAJESTA e z flush Shake Test #MajestaEZ

MAJESTA e-z flush Shake Test

As you can clearly see the MAJESTA e-z flush breaks downs waste. Alternately, the leading brand bonded together into one big concealed blob. I don’t think about the bottom of my septic bed with all the toilet paper flushed over the years.

MAJESTA e z flush Shake Test Results #MajestaEZ

Fun Fact:

MAJESTA also plants three trees for every one used to produce MAJESTA products.

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“Disclosure: I am part of the MAJESTA e.z Day blogger program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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