How to Get Free School Supplies when you Can’t Afford to Buy Them

How To Get Free School Supplies When You Can't Afford To Buy Them


Going back to school can be a costly expense for many families.

Between the costs of new clothes, shoes and school supplies, money can go pretty quick, especially when money is already tight.

If you are a family in need, here are some ways you can get source free school supplies.


How To Get Free School Supplies When You Can’t Afford To Buy Them

Check out local organizations

There are several organizations right in your town that help families get the school supplies they need.

These organizations include the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Salvation Army, the Kids in Need Foundation and the United Way.

Other organizations will take part in a school supplies drive where kids in need can get a backpack filled with school supplies.

You just need to call around to the organizations in your area.

If they cannot help you, they can usually point you in the direction of those who can help.


Contact your child’s school

Your child’s school is a great resource when it comes to school supplies.

Many school will oftentimes buy extra school supplies so that they can assist families who cannot afford them.

Sometimes the teacher will use a portion of their classroom budget to purchase extra supplies for students who need them.

The school district may be able to help as well since they have programs in place where they collect school supplies from the community to distribute to those in need.


Get in touch with local media

Local media may turn out to be your best friend when it comes to getting school supplies for your child.

The majority of TV stations, radio stations and newspaper offices know exactly where and how you can get school supplies.

Companies love media coverage so they will often notify the local media in advance of any free school supply drives they may be having.

Usually the assignment editor or education reporter is the person you need to talk to.


Have you found other places that can help you with back to school expenses?

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