Essential Back to School Checklist for Preschoolers

To help them be prepared to start school, here is an essential back to school checklist for preschoolers.

Summer is almost over and it is time for your child to start school.

Preschool is an important stage in their life because it is where they build the foundation of their learning years.

To help them be prepared to start school, here is an essential back to school checklist for preschoolers.

Essential Back to School Checklist For Preschoolers


A backpack is an essential item for preschoolers.

They do well with a small sized one because of their small size.

Backpacks are perfect for carrying their lunch box and school supplies.


While some parents still opt for a lunch box or lunch bag for their child, Bento boxes seem to be the popular thing at the moment.

Bento boxes are boxes that have various compartments for lunch items, water bottle, snack and ice pack.

Of course, lunch boxes are fine too as long as you choose one that is made from hard, durable plastic since preschoolers are sort of rough with things.

Lunch bags are not as ideal, since food gets squished.

Extra Clothes

Kids are not the neatest folks in the world.

Since they tend to get messy often, pack an extra change of clothes that is seasonal appropriate.

Pack the change of clothes in a Ziploc bag so the dirty clothes can be added to the bag.

School is exciting and sometimes children have bathroom accidents when starting school, even if previously fully potty trained.


Folders come in handy when transporting paperwork, memos and notes to and from the school.

Sometimes these will be provided by the school.


Tissues are probably the number one item that teachers request.

Kids need tissues to stop those runny noses.

Most classrooms will request that you bring a set number to school at the beginning of the year and then they had them out as children need them.

Baby Wipes

Kids hands get dirty so baby wipes are often needed as they are ideal for cleaning little, dirty hands in a jiffy.

Imagine a teacher trying to take 20 kids to the bathroom to properly clean their hands after each craft. Save them some time and send some wipes. 

School supplies

Your preschooler will need various school supplies for the classroom and at home.

These essential school supplies include pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, scotch tape, erasers and glue sticks.

Your classroom teacher will let you know what is required.

Good luck!

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