Great Ways to Prepare a Harry Potter Dinner Party

Great Ways to Prepare a Harry Potter Dinner Party


Learn these Great Ways to Prepare a Harry Potter Dinner Party for your friends – such a great idea.

You’ll be able to enjoy everything there is to love about hogwarts and you’ll also be able to make some fun themed foods for the occasion.

Today we are going to take a look at how you can create a fun Harry Potter themed dinner party for your friends that will be a winner and will make everyone feel festive and happy this month.

Hang up house banners

The first step to creating your Harry Potter themed dinner party is to hang some house banners up in your dining room that will set the mood.

You can either opt to create your own banners using paint and paper, or you can buy some bunting and banners online that will easily set the tone for the evening.

Consider timing

When you are creating the perfect Harry Potter dinner party for your friends or family, it is important for you to plan your food ahead of schedule and then consider what needs cooking and when it needs cooking.

Once you’ve finished reading about Panerai watch history you can use your watch to start timing different elements of your dish such as how long a roast beef joint needs to be in the oven or when you need to start making your vegetables.

Choosing the best Harry Potter themed dishes can be a challenge however roast beef dinner, treacle tart, and Turkey are all mentioned in the books and the films so this is a good place for you to start!

Prepare food ahead of time

The best way to make your life easier as a cook for a dinner party is to make whatever you can ahead of time.

Desserts can always be made ahead of time so you can make this the day before or in the morning and put it in a safe place ready for serving.

In terms of starters and mains – you can make things such as salads ahead of time and leave them in the fridge until you need them, and you can also cut up vegetables for roasting and leave them in a bowl of cold water until you need them.

Managing some of these simple prep tasks before your guests arrive will make your life much easier and it is something you definitely should consider.

Make your own golden snitches

When it comes to making your dining room look like it belongs in hogwarts there are a few different things you can do.

One easy diy to try is making your own golden snitches which you can do with Ferraro Rocher chocolates and some paper.

Cut paper into the shape of wings, take your Ferraro rocher out of its little brown cup, and put the wings underneath.

This is such a simple decoration and will also give people something to snack on whilst they wait for the meal to be served.

Create floating candles

The floating candles in the main hall at hogwarts are one of the most iconic features of the films and you can create these pretty easily at home.

All you will need is some empty toilet rolls, some paper and paint, and a glue gun, and string to hang them.

Start off by creating 2 small holes in the top of your toilet roll where a string can be threaded through later.

Use your glue gun to go around the top of the toilet roll and make melted wax around the rim.

Once done, paint the whole thing white.

Now take a piece of paper and paint a flame, cut it out, and stick it to the top of your toilet roll. Thread with string and hang from the ceiling!

Make sorting hat truffles

One of the fun table side activities you can try at your Harry Potter dinner party is seeing what house your guests belong to.

You can make some simple truffles using a circular chocolate mould and this will be a fun way to keep everyone entertained while food is cooking.

Start off with an equal amount of white chocolate and cream.

Heat the cream and add it to the white chocolate and melt.

Split into 4, and colour each batch red, yellow, green, or blue.

Melt some milk or dark chocolate and pour into a circular mould, topping upside down to get rid of the excess.

Spoon some of your white chocolate ganache into each mould, then pour chocolate on top to seal. Chill and turn out.

Decorate your table

Now it’s time to decorate your table to make it fit for a feast at hogwarts!

The first thing you will need is a tablecloth- and you don’t have to go too fancy with this because people generally make a mess at dinner parties!

Consider getting yourself a simple plastic cover such as red or navy blue to fit the magical theme, and then add some sick candles to the table to really lift the mood and bring that atmosphere.

Grab yourself some golden table settings and place mats, and then set your plates on top with a napkin folded into a triangle and your cutlery on top in a straight line – think deathly hallows.

You could even finish off your dinner party by making a marauders map menu for the table. 

Make a killer dessert

It is a little known fact for most movie watchers that Harry’s favourite dessert is a treacle tart.

This can be a great option to make the day before your big dinner party and what better way to celebrate a Hogwarts dinner party than with our main character’s favourite sweet treat?

All you will need is some flour, butter and egg for the pastry, and golden syrup, ginger, breadcrumbs and lemon for the filling.

Such as simple dessert idea but one that will satisfy and make everyone want to come back for another slice.

Create your perfect Harry Potter dinner party this month and celebrate the boy who lived and magical world.





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