Color My World Series #6 ~ Purple. Introducing the Color Purple into Daily Activities.

Introducing the Color Purple into Daily Activities

Welcome back to our Color My World Series. 

This month, we are exploring the color PURPLE. 

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE purple. It’s such a fun color.

There are some absolutely DELICIOUS fruits and vegetables that are purple. 

You probably already buy a few of them. 

Take a trip to the grocery store and have your little one pick out all the purple items. 

Take some grapes home & have a healthy snack. 

color purple blue-and-purple-fruits-and-vegetablesPhoto Credit :

 Purple can be found in math and SCIENCE!  Here are just a few activities you can try :

Color Ice Cubes – Fill and ice cube tray with water. Add a drop of red food coloring to half and a drop of blue food coloring to the other half. Freeze. When frozen, have children put one of each color ice cube in glass of water. Watch as ice melts to see what color is created.

How Many? – Fill a jar with purple jelly beans, M&Ms, buttons, or anything else you can think of. Have children write down their guesses as to how many they think is in the jar. Count the objects and see who is closest.


 Arts & Crafts Activities :

Art with the color purple can be super fun!

color purple spidercraft-005Photo Credit :

color purple octopus-toilet-paper-roll-craftPhoto Credit :

 Here are a few worksheets you can use to teach “purple” to your child :

color purplePhoto Credit :

color purplePhoto Credit :

color purplePhoto Credit :

 Learn A Little Spanish :

  • purple = morado
  • grape = uva
  • plum = ciruela
  • octopus = pulpo

 Read a book about the color purple :

Harold and the Purple Crayon

 color purple harold-and-the-purple-crayon-logoPhoto Credit :

And here are some activities to go along with the book :

Crayon Playdough

color purple crayon play dough recipePhoto Credit :

Harold & the Purple Crayon Activities

172093Photo Credit :

 What else can you do ?

– Pick a day to wear purple clothes.

Purple Sensory Bin


That’s all for this month. Join us next month for the color BLACK !!  Until next time …


Join us next month for the color BLACK


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