Swaddling a New Born Baby: A Step-By-Step Guide By Experts


If you are reading this article, we would like to begin by extending a warm round of congratulations!

You are either proud parent of an adorable new born, or you are about to give birth to a little bundle of joy.

Taking care of a new born is a lot of responsibility.

In today’s day and age, parents have multiple resources they can look up to, to understand how to best take care of their baby.

One of the most important things that experts talk about is ‘Swaddling’.

If you have visited a baby nursery, you might have seen how new born babies are wrapped in clothing.

Only their small heads are visible. That is in itself one of the cutest sights to behold.

In this article, we are going to help new parents, as well as expecting ones.

We are going to list down a step by step guide for swaddling a baby.

We are going to list down a step by step guide for swaddling a baby.

Swaddling a New Born Baby: What you should know?

Wrapping the baby up like a cute and fuzzy burrito is a practice that is around since ancient times.

The practice of wrapping up the baby in a small piece of clothing like a blanket is called ‘Swaddling’.

According to experts, swaddling is beneficial for new born babies for several reasons-

  1. It allows the body temperature of the baby to stay regulated. This helps in preventing the baby from catching a cold. Keeping the baby warm (but not too warm) allows them to feel comfortable.
  2. The small arms and legs of babies keep flailing as they are unable to keep their balance. When you swaddle a baby, you ensure that their arms and legs are in position, close to their bodies. This helps in preventing the startling reflex.
  3. Lastly, swaddling allows a baby to feel safe and secure in their environment. You might have noticed, how some babies even after they reach four or five years of age have a favorite ‘blanky’ that they have with them at all times!

While swaddling has a long list of advantages, new parents need to understand how it should be done. In the following sections, we are going to offer a step-by-step guide to swaddling.

List of 5 Steps to Help you Swaddle a New Born Baby

Step 1: Select a Comfortable Piece of Clothing (Blanket)

Depending on the temperature of where you live, you need to find the most comfortable piece of clothing.

This clothing can be in the form of a small blanket or a piece of cloth.

You need to make sure that the material of the cloth is soft and not harsh.

A simple touch-and-feel exercise will allow you to do that.

Make sure the clothing is made of natural fibers and nothing artificial or mixed.

Step 2: Find a Flat Surface and Lay Down the Baby Face-Up

Once you have the clothing piece with you, lay it out on a flat surface. Care should be taken to ensure that there is nothing below the clothing, as it can get uncomfortable for the child. Place the blanket in the form of a diamond.

The next step involves placing the baby in a diamond shape. Make sure that the head of the baby is towards the topmost part of the blanket, while the feet should be towards the end.

Step 3: Cover the Clothing/Blanket over the Arms

You need to take the left-hand corner of the blanket and bring it over the left arm of the baby. Take the corner and tuck in under the left chest and bring it over to the left arm. Once you do that, you will see that the left hand is covered while the right arm looks exposed.

Now use the right-hand corner and repeat the exercise under the right chest and over the right arm. Post this, you will see that the top part of the baby’s body is covered.

Step 4: Lift both the Legs and Bottom and Tuck it under the Baby

The second last step involves lifting both the legs of the baby with one arm and placing the bottom-most part of the diamond under the body. Make sure to be gentle, as babies have very delicate limbs.

Once you lift the cute bottom, place the blanket under the body to complete the swaddle. The bottom corner will get tucked under the right arm section. Following this, you will have one cute baby burrito.

Step 5: Checking for how Tight the Swaddle is

The final step of the swaddling process involves checking how snug the fit of the swaddle is. You need to make sure that the same is not too tight. This will cramp up the baby and make them start feeling warm and uncomfortable.

They are likely to start crying post this. You need a snug fit. One way of finding out about the same is by placing three fingers in the neck space. If your fingers are easily going inside the blanket, the fit of the swaddle is perfect.

The Bottom Line

New parents are not going to get the swaddle right on the first go if they are not practicing. If you want to ensure that your baby remains comfortable in the swaddle, you need to practice using a life-like size doll first.

This will give you an idea of what needs to be done to get the swaddling right. If you have any other questions, you would like us to answer on swaddling a baby, write them down in the comments below.

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