Great Fashion Tips For Summer Clothes

Great Fashion Tips For Summer Clothes

Aside from the increase in temperature and the subsequent tan lines, summer can often require us to energize our summer wardrobe. Whether you are simply trying to keep up with the weather or need a complete closet overhaul, there are three very basic fashion tips to live by when it comes to summer clothes. There’s no need to break the bank when trying to keep up with the latest seasonal trends. Keep it easy and chill as you seek comfort in the scorching heat. With these rudimentary rules to live by, you’ll be sure to coast through the hotter months like a cool and refreshing breeze.

Great Fashion Tips For Summer Clothes

Summer shoes

Always purchase your summer shoes at least a half size to a full size larger than your normal sizing. Though it may not be the sexiest of facts, let’s be brutally honest. Our feet tend to swell in the heat. For this reason, going slightly larger in the warmer months is just common sense. Keep in mind that certain natural materials such as leather, suede and canvas will stretch though. In these cases, a half size up should suffice. However, when it comes to the cheaper fad shoes comprised of plastic or any man-made material, a full-size up would be wise.


Another ugly truth that must be addressed would have to be minding your fabrics. Poly blends just don’t allow for breathability and can all too often hang on to sweat stains. So for those steamy days, your best bet is to seek out natural materials like cotton, silk or linen. These fibers will allow for absorption and swift release of perspiration.


Rather than going out and blowing your entire paycheck on a few cute summer outfits, consider reinventing what you already have. Whether you know how to do small tasks when it comes to sewing or you prefer to utilize a tailor, it is very easy to transform cheap wardrobe pieces into something exciting and new that’s right on point with blossoming trends.

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