Fall Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know


Fall is right around the corner So Fall Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know is important and your beauty routine will probably change drastically.

Fall is right around the corner, So Fall Beauty Tips Every Women Should Know is important and your beauty routine will probably change drastically.

If you are gearing up for a new beauty routine as the seasons and the weather changes, check out these great tips.

This will keep you looking your best with little effort on your part.

Up the Makeup just a bit

During the summer, many women wear less makeup.

This is great for a summertime beauty routine, as summer air is often kind to skin.

For Fall Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know, however, you should add a little more makeup to the routine.

You don’t want to wash yourself out in lower lighting, and the weather can change skin types, so you should accommodate for that.

Don’t Shimmer too much

During the summer, shimmery makeup is generally hot, but during the Fall you should play that down some.

Don’t have shimmer all over- pick an area to play up with some shimmer, and then go matte elsewhere.

After Party Help

Fall is often celebrated with lots of parties. If you need a quick beauty pick-me-up after one, try one of these ideas:

  • Make a dry shampoo out of baby powder and baking soda- just sprinkle it n your hair.
  • If your eyes are red from lack of sleep or a little too much wine, wear white eye liner to give them a more normal appearance.
  • For left over makeup that you don’t have time to correct, blot skin with a Kleenex with aloe. It helps take away redness from leaving makeup on and dries oil.

Wear Sunscreen

Even in the Fall, when the sun isn’t as intense, you need to wear sunscreen.

Don’t have time to apply one with the additional makeup?

Get a BB Cream that has sun block in it to help skip a step.

Don’t forget to sun block your hair, too, with a spray on sunscreen.

This will help keep hair from being dried out and color from fading.

But don’t fall for the claim that sunscreen lasts all day- it doesn’t!

You will need to reapply at least once throughout the day.

Don’t Dry Skin

Only exfoliate twice a week. Don’t wear heavy makeups when taking an antihistamine.

Don’t skip putting on lotion twice a day. Always wash off makeup before bedtime.

During the Fall, skin can dry out as the weather switches and these tips will keep your skin from drying out even more.

Keep Your Volume

Don’t over condition your hair, and keep conditioner off the roots.

Blow dry hair after using a volumizing mousse, and don’t touch your hair throughout the day.

This will keep it looking fuller for longer.

So what do you think of Fall Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know? Please comment below.

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