Shop From Your Closet: Holiday Fashion For Moms

Shop From Your Closet: Holiday Fashion For MomsShop From Your Closet Holiday Fashion For Moms

I used to love getting a beautiful new dress and accessories every year for my store’s holiday party.

My girls and I would go out on the town to show off  (which was really only out to dinner to terrify our servers with our brash behavior).

We would sparkle, shine, and shimmer with the best of them.

This was all out, in my books. Full makeup, nylons, high heels- you name it, we rocked it. 

Life for many of us has changed recently (as it is wont to do), and I don’t see myself buying a new ensemble that I’ll only get to wear once a year.

My money is better spend on jeans and bras. Seriously, how many size changes do we need to suffer through in our lives?

These things ain’t cheap! I am, however, still a big fan of shopping, fashion and the holiday season.

How am I going to celebrate (and sparkle) this year as a mommy?   TOTS Blog 11182013

Exhibit A:

Take something everyday like a long sweater, and jazz it up a bit (do people still say that?). Make it the focal point and let it do the talking for you! “I can’t wait to spread good cheer,” says my new sweater which I got on sale at RW&CO. It seems to be sold out now, but here’s another great option! Pictured here it’s nice and casual for a day with my toddler. Dress it up with a black pencil skirt, tights, and statement earrings. Try throwing it over a black tiered dress and see how the feminine element contrasts the heavy sweater. Upon first glance a lot of people would assume they wouldn’t get much wear out of a sweater like this, but I can see myself shimmering in it weekly until new years at least. 


  • Boots:  Steve Madden
  • Leggings: Forever21
  • Sweater: RW&CO
  • Scarf: Gifted






Exhibit B: Blog 11192013

Chiffon is always a great option that’s easy to wear in any situation. If you manage to find a blouse with a colour palette that can pass as “Christmas-ey” without being relegated to Christmas time, then you’re golden (not unlike my sweater- haha). I’ve gone for a slightly elevated look by combining the top with a great dark jean and a bit of a heel. This shirt was a purchase from Esprit which, sadly, is no longer available in North America. I did some leg work to find you a couple options that would work in its stead. A subtle pattern, a fun pattern, and a solid with detail. Great for any event from play date, to fancy dinner. Get your sparkle from fun accessories like a bib necklace or a bracelet.


  • Shoes: Indigo by Clarks
  • Jeans, blouse: Esprit
  • Necklace, earrings: Unknown




I seem to be raving endlessly about the virtues of sweater dresses right now. Here’s a way to sport one just in time for the holiday season- warm tights and a scarf that can pass as festive. A dress like this will definitely get more wear in most mommy’s wardrobes than any formal attire. To spruce it up, partner the dress with black tights (solid or patterned, your choice) high heeled boots, and some shiny jewelry. 


  • Booties: Gifted (but I think they’re the brand mentioned above as well- Indigo)
  • Tights: Forever21
  • Dress: Old Navy
  • Scarf: Thrifted


 To wrap it up (see what I did there?) you can easily take some existing items and accessorize as needed. If you are aiming for more formal, opt for black/gold accessories (such as pictured below) which will also be versatile additions to your life. If you’re really bare bones casual and need to make a purchase, any of the above items would be great investment pieces.

Before heading out to deck your halls, be sure to take a peek in your closet and choose a colour or pattern that fits well into your existing wardrobe. My biggest fashion faux-pas for a long time was buying things I liked without any rhyme or reason. What resulted was an incoherent assortment that didn’t mix well. This particular predicament undoubtedly results in spending more money to be able to wear something you just spent money on. Not great for parents working with a budget.

Hope your holiday season treats you like you’re on the nice list, even if you aren’t ;). We all deserve some glimmer and glitz this time of year when we may be feeling more frazzle than dazzle.   ALDO collageRelated reading; Transitioning your Summer Wardrobe into Fall Fashion, Office Attire for Women on a Budget and Surviving The Holidays away from Home.

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