DIY Lipstick – How To Make Lipstick With Everyday Items

DIY lipstick at home is a great way to save money and to use up the items that you may already have in your home. You can experiment with any colors that you’d like and you can give them away as gifts! What girl wouldn’t like a homemade lipstick as a gift? The best part about making your own lipstick is that you KNOW that the ingredients are natural and healthy for your skin! Let’s begin.

What You Will Need:

  • Crayola Crayons (or any other non-toxic crayons)
  • Pure Shea Butter
  • Jojoba Oil (Argan Oil or Coconut Oil will work too)
  • Essential Oils
  • A Small/Medium Pot
  • An Oven Safe Bowl that fits into the pot
  • Empty Containers for the Lipstick (lipstick pots, empty chapsticks, or small plastic cups will do)
  • An old spoon to stir the lipstick
  • Measuring Spoons 

**Tip: If you have a double boiler, that can replace the pot + oven safe bowl** 


  1. Begin boiling 1/3 pot of water
  2. Prepare your lipstick containers next to the stove. You will need these accessible immediately after the lipstick is ready!
  3. Choose the color crayon(s) that you would like your lipstick to be. Rip the paper off of them.
    How To Make Lipstick out of Everyday Items Crayon Color
  4. Break crayon(s) in half and throw into the oven safe bowl
  5. Add ½ tsp shea butter per 1 crayon to bowl
  6. Add ¼ Jojoba Oil per 1 crayon to bowl
  7. Drop desired amount of essential oil into the bowl – I used about 10 drops for a 1 crayon lipstick (Essential oil is to create a lovely scent)
  8. Once the water is bowling, fit the bowl (with the ingredients) into the pot of boiling water.
  9. Your ingredients will immediately begin to melt, so use your spoon to begin stirring so your lipstick doesn’t clump up.
  10. Steps 4-9 Make LipstickWhen the ingredients are all melted and the liquid is smooth, use your spoon to scoop the lip color and pour it into the containers. Do this swiftly! The lip colors hardens quickly.
  11. Let sit to harden or place in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes to harden quickly.
  12. Use a brush or your finger to apply the lipstick
  13. Show off those beautiful lips! 

How to Make Lipstick With Everyday Items Final Outcome


  • If you want a matte look, add about ¼ teaspoon mineral eye shadow or mineral blush
  • The more shea butter and oil you use, the more sheer the color will be!
  • Pure shea butter does not have a pleasant scent, so essential oils are a perfect addition for a scented lipstick.
  • Experiment with different colors by mixing crayon colors! Add some cosmetic glitter. Try different kinds of shea butter or oils. Have fun with it! Just make sure that all products are safe for your skin!

How To Make Lipstick out of Everyday Items Experiment


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