Obama Tackles Gender Stereotypes: But does he do it well?


You have likely never seen me post about Obama and will likely never see it again. Obama Tackles Gender Stereotypes. It is not because I don’t like him, or I do. The truth is, I am just not political. I am also not American (insert Canadian jokes here).

Obama Tackles Gender Stereotypes

Today I watched a video of Obama trying to sort gifts into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’. 

When I saw the video on Facebook, I quickly watched it. I have had issues with gender stereotyping for some time. You see, I am the mom of four boys (and one girl). Recently I witnessed a family member tell my 4 year old son that he shouldn’t be playing with my daughters toy purse. 

Firstly, I believe that my kids can make the friends they want, regardless of religion, race or gender. I also believe they should play any sport they wish. They can also become who they want to be. Whether it is a doctor, a lawyer, a waiter or a salesman. Whatever makes them happy, right?

Why would I try to limit what they can play with?

Honestly, many days they prefer staring at a screen over playing with toys. And yes my boys like My Little Ponys and my daughter watches Power Rangers. So if they are using their imaginations and bodies to move and play, I am not going to stop them. I am going to encourage them to learn, laugh and be children.

Am I harming my children by teaching them that it is not about the colour, but rather the enjoyment and creativity they find with the toy?

My questions for you is, did Obama take this far enough. I get that he is the President of the United States and everything he does is under huge scrutiny, but I would have loved this video to take it a step further and attempt to educate the public that not everyone fits into a pink or blue box and that limiting our children does them no favours. We need to be an inclusive society.

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