Chores for Older Children

Chores for Older Children

As our children get older it is only natural that they learn more skills around the house, helping while doing so. Keeping in mind their own unique abilities and your family. Maybe you are a larger household, and you need your children to do a little more each day, or different chores, whatever works for you and family.

Don’t be afraid to have your younger children start doing smaller chores, even toddlers under the age of two years can help a little with simple chores.

While my children are still a bit younger, just beginning to do some things on this list, I can remember all too well how much I disliked doing chores at home, just like other children, always found something better to do, “forgot”, or didn’t “hear” them asking me to do something. Something I think most children go through.

Need chore ideas for other age groups?

Chores for Older Children

Chores for 8 to 9-year-olds:

  • Clean small appliances ( ie: microwave)
  • Meal prep (ie: wash vegetables or fruits)
  • Wiping down counters in kitchen and bathroom
  • Hanging out/bringing in laundry

Chores for 10 to 11-year-olds:

  • Make simple meals
  • Take garbage to the curb
  • Wash clothing

Chores for 12 and over year-olds:

  • Clean bathroom
  • Supervise younger children’s chores
  • Clean out fridge

I think teaching children responsibility while they are young is really important, but remember to not go too overboard, whether too many chores or being too strict.

Do you give an allowance? How do you decide how much they should be getting? Is it based on amount of chores done?

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