Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Your Kids


Celebrating New Year’s Eve with your Kids can be a big deal, not just for adults but it can for your kids too.


Celebrating New Year's Eve with your Kids can be a big deal, not just for adults but it can for your kids too.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Your Kids

Change things up so you can celebrate New Year’s Eve with your kids, even if you have to move the time along a little.

Maybe a New Year’s Resolution is in order?


Dress up

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in your living room.

Put on your fancy dress, let your kids put on their fanciest clothes, and have a celebration.

Even if it’s only for an hour—make that hour count.


Decorate with some sparkle!

Kids love sparkle.

Christmas lights, glittery paper shapes and silver and gold streamers will make your at-home celebration stylish and small-child friendly.


Have some photo booth fun

Your kids probably won’t remember the night, especially if they are really young so try to take lots of photos.

There are tons of photo booth props on the Internet that you can print and cut out if you look around a bit.

Put up a bed sheet for a backdrop, and snap away.


Make party hats

Find some glittery paper and fashion tiaras or cone shaped hats—they will make perfect photo ops with your dress up clothes.


Have noisemakers on hand

You can easily make a few of these by putting rice in rinsed soda cans wrapped in colorful paper or by putting beads in empty water bottles.

Seal them well, and watch the little ones enjoy!


Celebratory drinks

Your kids will enjoy any fizzy drink, you can buy plastic wine glasses to make them extra special.

Perfect for a kids toast.


Celebratory snacks

Party food on New Year’s can be whatever you usually serve them made special—serve the snacks in individual containers and decorate with some festive accents.


Have a sing-along

Young kids love music and singing, and a few New Year’s Eve songs will make it a party activity with enthusiastic participation.


Ring in the New Year

Early! Your party doesn’t have to happen at the stroke of twelve.

Party down before your children’s bedtime and just pretend it’s midnight!

Then you and your partner can celebrate yourself at midnight – if you can stay up that late.

Part of the joy of parenthood is sharing the things you love with your children.


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