Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What do Dads really want for Father’s Day?  I can’t say for sure when it comes to the dads in your life, but I’m willing to bet it isn’t a tie, or a keychain, or a mug.

Father's Day Gift Ideas 

I don’t care how cute the saying is, it’s not what he wants.  (Ok, ok, there are exceptions…but chances are good, I’m telling ya.)  

I love to look at clever gift lists for men, and then I love to laugh at how much my husband would HATE everything on them.  

Despite my conviction that he is overly picky and under appreciative sometimes, I think I have gained some insight from him.  

Here’s what your guy really wants when he’s got a gift coming his way: 

Something He Can Use

This is why you don’t buy the tie or the keychain or the mug.  He doesn’t need them, therefore, he does not want them.  He already has them if he needs them.  

If his burgers break everytime he tries to flip them with two teaspoons, than yes, get him the nice grill tools.  If he struggles with razor burn, then yes, get him the luxury unscented after-shave balm.  

But if he has no shaving struggles, don’t get it.  Just don’t.  

Something He Has Asked For Specifically

There are a couple of rules I follow when shopping for my husband: if he has one of something, he probably wants another one exactly like it for back-up.  

Heaven forbid they stop making it someday.  The other rule I follow is not to get him something he loves if he hasn’t asked for it by name.

The easiest way to go wrong is by buying, say, a flashlight because he loves flashlights.  It will be the wrong flashlight.  It will be a flashlight that isn’t worth beans.  

He will sneer every time he glances at it.  He will hate the flashlight, and I will cry.  If I must buy something he hasn’t asked for, it’s better to go with something that he’s also never heard of, if possible.  

Something Consumable

Don’t know what to get?  Then get something that won’t be around forever.  The stakes are lower.  Yeah, it might be the wrong bar of chocolate, but it’s chocolate, it won’t kill him.  

If the steak rub is still in your cupboard ten years from now, you can just pitch it, guilt free.  Also…you can’t wrong with a good burger.  (Or for my own dad, some good pasta…)

Something He Enjoys Doing

My husband really, truly would enjoy a hike with the family or by himself, or a fishing trip, or a canoe ride.  For one of his birthdays, I got him a zip line canopy tour.  

My Dad’s traditional gift is tickets to a Red Sox game; I’ve also gotten him tickets to a performance that he wanted to see.  

What Are You Buying for Father’s Day?

There is no one size fits all gift list!  And everyone, man or woman, enjoys gifts the most that they can actually use and value.  

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day this year? What are your Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here is an idea that the kids can make for Dad, read this article for inspiration – Father’s Day Mobile Craft. Or for something totally different get a Dad a Yurt Adventure.

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