What’s the Purpose of a Futon Cover?

Increasingly, families and individuals are choosing to include futons in their homes – but What’s the Purpose of a Futon Cover?

Futons are incredibly versatile, since they can function as both sofas and beds, and they’re lightweight, inexpensive, and compact.

They offer a lot of advantages, but if you don’t care for your futon appropriately, it could suffer from an artificially shortened lifespan.

One of the best ways to take care of your futon is to use a futon cover.

But What’s the Purpose of a Futon Cover and how can you use one correctly?

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What’s the Purpose of a Futon Cover?

Futon covers serve several purposes simultaneously:

  •         Protection from spills. Most of us like to enjoy food and drinks while sitting down – and that’s no different on a futon. But if you spill a glass of red wine or a bowl of chili on an uncovered futon mattress, it’s going to be hard to get it clean again; you can try spot cleaning the area, but you might still be left with a stain. Covering your mattress with a suitably thick futon cover is all it takes to give your mattress a layer of protection.
  •         Protection from microorganisms. Over time, futon mattresses (like regular mattresses) accumulate microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even tiny insects. Ordinarily, you may not notice these pathogens and creatures, but over time, they can pose a health risk and serve as allergic irritants. A futon cover won’t completely halt this process, but it may slow the process down, keeping your mattress in good shape for longer.
  •         Easier cleaning. No matter what you’re using it for, you’ll want to keep your futon clean. Most people air their futon out in the sun or use spot cleaning to maintain the mattress’s cleanliness. But with a futon cover, cleaning is much easier; all you have to do is remove the cover, machine wash and dry it (assuming it’s washable) and replace it.
  •         Maximizing lifespan. Using a futon cover will, for many reasons, increase the total lifespan of your futon mattress. As long as it remains clean and securely on your futon mattress, it will suffer less wear and tear. You can get many additional years from your investment this way.
  •         Decorative potential. Don’t forget that futon covers also have decorative potential. You can get futon covers in a variety of different materials, styles, and colors – so you can choose the best futon cover for your home’s aesthetic. If you get tired of the look, or if the cover wears out, you can simply replace it with something different – or swap out covers on a regular basis to keep your home looking fresh and interesting.

How to Use a Futon Cover Correctly

These tips can help you use a futon cover appropriately:

  •         Choose the right materials. Futon covers are available in a wide variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and leather. Different materials have different strengths and weaknesses, so choose the material that’s the best fit for your personal needs. Generally, thicker and more durable materials are slightly more expensive, but they tend to offer additional protection. Certain materials may also not be machine washable, making them harder to swap out.
  •         Get a perfect fit. Next, make sure your futon cover is a perfect fit for your mattress. If your futon mattress is a Queen, it needs a Queen-sized cover; you can’t get by with an oversized mattress cover. If the cover is too small, it obviously won’t fit, and if it’s too big, you’ll be left with excess material and you won’t have as much protection for the mattress inside. Your futon cover should fit very snugly.
  •         Get something you enjoy. Let your personal taste and style show when selecting a futon mattress. If you get something you genuinely like, and something that fits the aesthetics of your living space, you’ll be much more likely to use it consistently – and you’ll enjoy it more as well.
  •         Wash your futon cover regularly. Wash your futon cover on a regular basis. The exact frequency will vary depending on how you’re using it and how often you’re using it, but most people should wash it on a monthly basis at least, if not weekly.
  •         Know when to get a new futon cover. Futon covers aren’t designed to last forever. They’re designed to take a beating, withstand spills, and protect your futon mattress. When you notice your cover wearing out or suffering damage, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

With the right futon cover fitted over your futon mattress, the mattress will have a much longer lifespan – and less wear and tear over time.

It’s a simple step that can preserve your furniture investment for many years with only minimal ongoing care required on your end. 

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