Back To School Clothing Hacks

Back To School Clothing Hacks

When it is time for the kids to head back to school, parents often dread the money-sucking clothes shopping task. However, when new clothing is needed, parents don’t always have money to go out and buy new clothes. Here are some great back to school clothing hacks that will save parents time and money.

Back To School Clothing Hacks

Keep stubborn zippers up

If your child has a good pair of pants but the zipper doesn’t always like to stay up completely, you don’t have to replace the whole zipper or buy a new pair of pants. Instead, just take a key ring and attach it to the zipper. Then, just pop it over the button and instantly you have a zipper that stays up.

Use window cleaner to shine shoes

Window cleaner isn’t just for windows you know? If you don’t have shoe polish available and you need to shine your child’s shoes, window cleaner to the rescue. Just spray the shoes with window cleaner and shine with a clean rag.

Baby wipes make a great stain remover

Baby wipes come in handy when you need to get a stain off an article of clothing. They work well on most stains, including food stains. So, if your little one dribbled a bit of egg yolk onto their shirt, use a baby wipe to clean it up and get them out the door in time for the school bus.

Use magazines to keep the shape of boots

If your child has tall boots, you know that over time they can lose their shape. To remedy this problem, roll up a magazine or even a newspaper and stuff it into each of the boots. They will stay upright and will maintain their shape perfectly.

Put smelly shoes in the freezer

Children often come home with stinky, smelly shoes. To deal with this issue, stick the shoes into a large Ziploc bag and throw them in the freezer for a couple of days. This will kill the bacteria in the shoes so they smell normal again. They won’t stink up the freezer because they are in a sealed bag.

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