Petsac: The Perfect Pet For Your Preschooler

Petsac: The Perfect Pet For Your Preschooler

There are so many toys on the market today, it’s hard to determine which ones my kids will love. I was recently able to get my hands on one of the newest toys on the market at WalMart known as the Petsac.

All three of my kids got to try it and keep the Petsac and naturally they all loved it. Here are some reasons we loved the Petsac.

It’s a backpack inside a pet!

How awesome is that? Literally, the backpack is inside this adorably cute stuffed animal. You can’t even tell the backpack is in there from the front, it’s so well hidden! Just pull the tail and out comes the backpack!

The patterns are adorable.

I love the Petsac because they’re not only adorable and affordable, they are fashionable. You can choose from several different animals and prints. So, you can shop by pets or by patterns.

They can be used for many things.

My kids are ages 2, 3, and 5 and they loved everything about the Petsac. It was fun watching them open up the Petsac and put items inside of it. Of course each age group had different uses for the backpack, but they all loved cuddling the animal. You will love seeing your little one cuddle the Petsac and use the backpack!

Petsac: The perfect pet for your preschooler

Here’s a little information on the creators of Petsac and their mission.

The PetSac Original Collection is planned with nine core animals and six custom backpack prints. Choose White Polka Dots, Blue Paws, Red Plaid or three other charming designs. The hardest part will be deciding which Pet to bring home and in what backpack pattern!

Hug a plush animal and feel the love. Hug a plush PetSac and pull its tail that’s actually a hidden zipper to a secret – a patented cavity that transforms the Pet into a full size backpack! The backpacks are actually made from the same rip stop nylon fabric that is used in parachutes so they are durable and can be wiped clean. When backpack is not in use, tuck it inside your Pet, zip up and cuddle! Cuteness and creativity will make this product the must-have at school!

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You can get your own Petsac for $19.99!

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