The True Journey of Natural Labour and Birth

The True Journey of Natural Labour and Birth Part

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If you missed the first part of the journey, read it here.


The next stage of the birthing journey can come in several different ways (dilated or not, urge to push or not) but, basically, your uterus will decide when it is time to move the baby out of your body. So here we are going to talk about the true journey of natural labour and birth. A lot of women are intimidated by this stage, but remember that you have grown your baby and your body has prepared for this stage of birth. Move around if it is comfortable or stay in a comfortable position that will allow gravity to help your baby move down the birth canal. Many moms naturally want to move into a squatting position or want to get down on all fours.

It’s Important to be as Comfortable as possible

The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the easier it will be for your body to push your baby out. Try to ignore the commotion that is likely going on around you and just focus on allowing your body to release your baby. Notice what your body is feeling. Let your body be your guide. Breathe in the way you need to breathe, move how you need to move, and vocalize how you need to vocalize. Some women can feel the baby on the entire journey down the birth canal and the majority of women will feel when the baby is actually crowing. The intensity of physical feelings move from the full uterus to being more localized to the pelvic area.

True Journey of Natural Labour and Birth Part 2

Imagine the Stretch

To get a snapshot of the stretching feeling: stretch your fingers apart as far as they will go. Then push your pointer and middle finger a little further apart with your other hand until you feel it stretch/burn a bit. That’s essentially what your body does when you stretch to allow your baby to come out.

Just a reminder:

Unlike your fingers, your body is designed to stretch enough to allow a baby out. Allow it do what it needs to do without resisting it. You are capable of doing this.

This part of the journey is one of the most rewarding for many moms. There is often an absolute thrill associated with pushing your baby out of your body. Your body is producing endorphins, which act as natural form of morphine and also give you a feeling of exhilaration (here is a great article explaining more about the role or your body’s natural hormones during birth). Many women would describe pushing their baby out as one of the most triumphant moments in their lives.

Now the Moment you have been Waiting for:

Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for since you first saw those two little lines 9 months ago: holding that slippery, wet, warm bundle of love. Hold him. Or her. Just hold your baby. You waited and worked hard for this moment. Enjoy it. Cherish it. 

The journey was all worth it, wasn’t it? This was the true journey of labour and birth.

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