Baby on Tour – A Guide to Travelling with a Baby Carriage

Being a parent is great.

Hard work, and not without its challenges, but not without its rewards either.

Many people think that once you have kids your life stops.

But that’s definitely not the case.

In fact, life truly begins A.K (after kids).

You get to experience so much joy and wonder watching them grow, learn, thrive, and strive.

Some naysayers will say that having kids means saying goodbye to some of the perks of life like nights out, hobbies and holidays.

They couldn’t’ be further from right.

You can still enjoy a night out, it’s called a babysitter.

And your hobbies are still there, waiting for when you’ve got a spare moment.

You can still travel, just with some adjustments.

So, let’s take baby on tour and check out this Guide to Travelling with a Baby Carriage.

Baby on Tour - A Guide to Travelling with a Baby Carriage

Choose Your Baby Carriage Carefully

If you’re planning a baby and don’t want to give up the travel bug then pick your Baby Carriage wisely.

Whether it’s double prams or single that you’re after, you need something that will fold up to a nice compact size so it can fit in the trunk of a car.

Because trust us, you’re going to need a car to get around in if you want your child to be safe.

So if you’re planning an interstate road trip or a holiday overseas with a rented car, make sure that your pram can fit in it when folded up with some room to spare for your luggage.


A Note on Public Transport

If you choose to get around the city you’re visiting via its public transport system then you’re going to need these next tips.

Try to pick the first or the last carriage of a train when you’re embarking, as these tend to be the least crowded.

Try to time your travel times either before or after the morning and evening peaks as there’s likely to be more room and less chance of encountering a disgruntled foreign commuter who’s annoyed that you’ve brought your pram on a peak hour train!

If you’re taking trams or buses then you may want to opt for a lightweight Baby Carriage or even a stroller, as these modes of transport often require you to lift up the pram to get it on board.

Baby on Tour - A Guide to Travelling With a Pram

Keeping Track of Your Baby Carriage

If you’re visiting popular destinations for families such as fun parks, theme parks, museums or children’s farms then chances are you’re not going to be the only family brining a Baby Carriage along.

If you’ve purchased a popular brand you may realise that finding it in the Baby Carriage parking section is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Make sure that you’ve made an effort to make your Baby Carriage identifiable.

Try tying some bright ribbon to it so you know it’s yours.

Also, prams can be the target of thieves because they can be resold for a lot of money.

Try not to leave your Baby Carriage unattended in public spaces that don’t have CCTV or security guards around.


To Conclude

Having kids doesn’t mean travel is out of the question. Use this Guide to Travelling with a Baby Carriage.

Firstly, ensure the model you choose folds up all neat and tidy for car trips.

If you take public transport, follow the above tips to make your journey smooth for you and your fellow commuters.

Finally, when visiting popular spots ensure you mark your Baby Carriage so you can find it easily, and never leave it unattended in an unsecure location.

Enjoy your trip!


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