Tips For Summer Vacation With Toddlers


It’s easy to want to pack everything when going on vacation with toddlers.

Summer loving have me a blast, summer happened so fast, I had two toddlers crazy with glee and a car full of debris! 🙂 


Tips to Summer Vacation with Toddlers!


They need their little blanket, the potty for the side of the road stops, books, toys, bathing suits, water wings not to mention diapers, food and music!

I’m a big fan of taking what you really need and just a little more….but not too much more.


Tips For Summer Vacation With Toddlers

You don’t need everything while on vacation because you are going to be exploring and passing time in ways that you wouldn’t at home.

Here are a few tips on what to take with you….the basics:



Bring enough to get through the days you are away and stop at a laundry mat if you run out.

Sneakers vs sandals or both?

Your toddlers can wear something comfortable in the car and take them off for the drive.

A sweater instead of a rain coat will be just fine.

Don’t forget their hats!



Soap, shampoo and sunscreen for the whole family.

Keep it simple with one bottle of each and not three separate sunscreen bottles.

I’m pretty sure adults can use children’s sunscreen.



If you are going somewhere hopefully you have places you can visit such as a beach, lake, parks or family.

These places will have enough entertainment for your toddlers without having to bring all their favourite toys.

Outdoor and unstructured play is so important for learning and developmental stage for toddlers – let them play in the sand and dirt….it won’t hurt them.


Car ride entertainment

Bring a few books per child, their favourite toy and comforting blanket in the car with them.

I usually pack a few extra toys in the back of your car to rotate after a stopping.

It will give them something new to play with and curb any boredom. 



Pack appropriate snacks for traveling.

If you are going to bring an apple make sure you bring a knife and some sort of cutting board if you wish to cut up your apple.

Finger foods and water are easy and shouldn’t be too messy.

Wet wipes will be your best friend while traveling !!!



Be open to changing your planned schedule.

Traveling is hard for toddlers AND adults too.

Try to stop for bathroom breaks and gas stops at the same time, this will allow for your toddlers to stretch their legs a little.

Go one step further and play a game of tag on the grass near the store or ‘Simon Says’ to get them jumping, stretching and releasing some energy before getting back in the car.

More importantly you may need to change your expectations on the whole trip and realise a change of plans is simply a bump in the road.

Be creative and have fun!


What are some of your traveling tips when going on a vacation with toddlers and children?


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