5 Reasons I want to Get Healthy

I’ve struggled with obesity most of my life, but it’s holding me back. I want this to be the year that I change all that. Here are my 5 Reasons I want to Get Healthy:

I want to build a house

That’s right, my husband and I want to lessen our debt by building our own modest house. I know that it will be very physically demanding. My family needs me to be able to do this. Weight training, here I come.

I want the freedom to participate fully in family activities

My husband likes outdoor activities, and I know it is good for all of us to get out. Getting in shape may not make me like hiking any more than I ever have. Being one of history’s Great Indoors women, and it’s not just the wheezing, it’s the lack of books and the presence of my old enemies, bugs and dirt–but I want to be a part of what is important to the other members of my family. Final thought; preferably in winter, when the bugs are dead and the dirt is covered with snow… I can think of 5 Reasons I want to Get Healthy.

I want to be more capable of keeping my family safe

Whether it is running from an attacker or simply being able to keep my giant, wild four-year-old from injuring himself, I need to be stronger with more endurance, and more energy to keep my house hygienic, to plan for and cook healthy foods.

I want to live longer

Sure, the healthiest lives are sometimes cut short. However, I’ve been on a roller coaster ride towards the Grim Reaper. More importantly, there are people who need me and I want to do my best to be here for them.

I want to like myself better

I feel disgusting and had no respect for myself. Need to be more self confident. Additionally, I want to move on to other projects and stop having to worry about my body.

Finally, I’ve made resolutions like this before, and, after all, I suppose it has been better than nothing, Let’s hope that this year it really sticks.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Share them with us below!

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