5 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Guest Bedroom

Your home is sweet for a reason—it’s beautiful, welcoming, and comfortable because you learned Easy Ways to Upgrade your Guest Bedroom.

The room in which you host your guests should feel just the same for them.

For a truly hospitable visit, your guests should never feel like an afterthought, tossed into any which room—they should feel as content and cared for as you do in your own space.

To craft a guest room that reflects goodwill, friendship, and hospitality, read this guide to upgrade your free room into a bedroom you’d be happy to steal for yourself.

Easy Ways to Upgrade your Guest Bedroom

Establish Zones

To streamline the traffic in your guest room and optimize for privacy and flow, establish furniture “zones,” like a sleeping area, a reading nook, and a work zone.

That way, your guest can feel comfortable to get in some work, have some alone time, and sleep well all in the same room.

We recommend the following pieces of furniture to ensure your guest has everything they need in their own private space:

  • A comfy reading chair
  • A small desk with a chair or stool
  • A bedside table with space for a few books and a nice glass of water
  • Sufficient drawers and closet space—hangers included
  • A bright, funky lamp from Lamps Plus

Curating a special little ecosystem just for your visitor allows them to feel at home without feeling like they’re encroaching on your space.

Look Up and Down

When decorating a room, people often forget about the valuable real estate available above and below them in that space—there’s plenty of opportunity to make a room homier by hanging things on the ceiling or spread things on the floor.

For the ceiling, just screw in some hooks and hang up the following fun decor pieces:

  • Colorful garlands
  • Hanging macramé planters
  • Prayer flags
  • A woven chair
  • Industrial-style pendant lights with Edison bulbs
  • Bright paper lanterns
  • Paper cranes
  • A funky fan

Spruce up the floor with some of these hip items:

  • A braided Chindi area rug for fun hippie vibes
  • Some easy-stick floor tiling to feel like you stepped into a Spanish-style plaza
  • Some sophisticated hardwood flooring
  • A faux-sheepskin or cowhide area rug for a chic, Scandinavian flair
  • A retro shag rug for a room that feels oh-so-70s
  • A cheeky white fur mat for European club lounge vibes

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Guest Bedroom

Invest in Comfort

A happy visit depends not only on your manners, but that of your guest, too.

That’s why you want to ensure they stay in a good mood by investing in a high-quality blanket, pillow, mattress, and bed.

We recommend looking into a Layla bed frame for easy assembly and stellar comfort.

You’ll be grateful to have guests that are grateful, not groggy—the happier the household, the better the stay for everyone involved.

While not everyone is a morning person, you can sure make mornings better by spending a little more on these essential comfort items. 

Don’t Use it as Storage

No one likes to feel like they’re living in a closet—and we’re not talking about size.

No matter how big your guest bedroom is, don’t use it as a place to stowaway your winter clothes, forgotten skis, or board games you don’t like to play.

Make sure you keep your guest room neat and organized so guests feel comfortable, not cluttered.

Alternatively, ensure that your visitors have sufficient space to store their items, so they’re not forced to live out of their suitcase during their stay.

Liven Up the Space with Fresh Plants

On a similar note, lift your guest’s spirits and brighten their day by filling their room with gorgeous indoor plants, flowing greenery, and sweet-scented flowers.

For a spiky, tropical feel, spruce up your space with a potted aloe vera plant, which also helps purify air and treat sunburns when needed.

Here are some other fun plant ideas to add a little green to your guest bedroom:

  • Dry eucalyptus in a sleek copper vase
  • Palm and banana leaves for a tropical feel
  • Fresh roses in an aluminum bucket
  • Hanging succulents from a spherical glass planter
  • Aromatic lavender in tall, thin vases

Guestroom, Sweet Guestroom

Transforming your guest bedroom is all about putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes. If you start wishing you lived in their room instead of yours, you’re doing a good job.

Now it’s time to upgrade your own bedroom to compete with its new rival.

Happy decorating!

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