How To Set Up a Home Classroom on a Budget

How To Set Up a Home Classroom on a Budget

How To Set Up a Home Classroom on a Budget

I love school. That’s the real reason that I have a classroom in my house.

We plan to home school and I wanted to give us a place and get us in the habit of taking time for school, even if it was just a little reading time, but my kids are 2 and 4, and I set it up a year ago.

I know we could spread out coloring on the kitchen table, read on the couch, whatever.

But the thing is…I love school.

So even though my house has only four real rooms and less than 1000 square feet, I recklessly dedicated my sun porch to the purpose.

Here’s How To Set Up a Home Classroom on a Budget:

Classroom Materials:

  1. Chalkboard/whiteboard/chalk or markers/erasers
  2. Bulletin board/tacks
  3. Small rug
  4. Pillow with arms
  5. Small table and chairs
  6. Small shelf
  7. Table and chair for adult
  8. Books/puzzles/art supplies/finger puppets
  9. Alphabet chart/seasonal décor/foam clock, etc.

Finding a place for the Classroom 

I set up my classroom [a sun porch that is about 7×10 feet] with a few small centers.

The little rug and pillow next to a bookshelf for a reading corner.

A table for art projects and puzzles, the big table and chairs for my “desk”, on which I keep workbooks and teacher’s guides that I don’t want the kids to just play with at will.

I bought my chalkboard and bulletin board for a few dollars each at the thrift store, and I don’t think I just got lucky.

I’ve seen them there pretty regularly. I’ve also seen them on freecycle, so that’s worth checking into.

We bought alphabet charts at 2/1.00 at Dollar Tree, and I used books and puzzles that we already had on hand.

I am fortunate in that my mom taught elementary school for many years, so I have free access to a lot of classroom décor.

She made many of them, though: if you can’t invest the money, you may be able to invest the time to make great classroom props.

The Vision

On my wishlist are some wires with clips that I saw at Ikea, for hanging artwork across the walls or, in the case of the sunporch, windows.

I’d like a practice clock for learning to tell time, too.

So…I have this adorable classroom.

Someday, oh, let it be someday soon, I am going to sit my kids down on the little rug and sing a good morning song and talk about the weather and patterns and letters, and they’ll sit at the table and do projects…someday soon, I hope…sigh…

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