Tonsillitis Woes and Ways to Cope

Tonsillitis Woes and Ways to Cope

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Recently I was down and out with tonsillitis and it was not a fun experience. One thing it did do for me was offer me some insight as to what could help relieve the pain of the sore throat when my girls have their first round of tonsillitis. Here I am sharing those tips and ideas that I used for you to use with your children, or possibly even yourself! These are not alternatives to seeing your Doctor, you should always see your Doctor when it comes to tonsillitis, these are some ways to help alleviate the pain while the medication your Doctor prescribed does its job.

Sick Little Girl

Straws – if your child has tonsillitis this utensil will be their best friend. It hurts to take it large spoonful’s and a straw will allow them to take it as much or as little as they can handle. Whether it be applesauce, tea or soup, it allows the child to take little sips and avoid the pain of swallowing large amounts.

Herbal Tea – find the best fruit flavors you can find. Celestial Seasonings offers a great assortment pack with delicious flavors such as blueberry, raspberry and peach. Be sure the tea is at a nice tepid temperature before offering it to your child. Add a little un-pasteurized honey and lemon juice to the tea to help aid in healing.

Honey – Un-pasteurized honey has great healing and soothing qualities. Best of all, because it is so thick it coats the throat and offers a little relief from the pain.

– Whether it is home made or from a box, soup is a great way to ensure your child is getting some nutrients into their body during a time when it is impossible to eat any food. Try to find one, or make one, with no chunky bits in it. If it’s not in a liquid form it is very painful to swallow. It also makes it very easy to drink with a straw. Pacific brand makes absolutely delicious organic soups.

Bed Recommendations – This is so important! Be sure to have a nice comfortable bed for them to sleep in and have their head propped up with at least two pillows. It’s amazing how much your mouth salivates when you have tonsillitis and this will help prevent the saliva from just draining to the back of their throat as it hurts so bad to swallow. Lay a towel over their pillows to help catch the saliva that they can’t swallow. Also have an extra blanket near by for when the cold chills take over.

Warm Compress – One of the worst parts about having tonsillitis is that you can feel the pain, but you can’t access it. Having a warm compress to lay on your neck helps to alleviate some of the pain that your little one is feeling. Don’t make it hot, you don’t want to hurt them, just warm enough to help with the pain of the swelling in their glands.

Spit Cup – Yes, it sounds gross and it is, but with the pain of swallowing it’s a life saver. Have a designated cup near by them at all times so when their mouth salivates they can spit it into the cup rather than having to swallow it.

– Great idea to help combat the cold shivers. If your child is young do not leave them in the bath alone.  Be prepared, they may want more than one a day!  I had up to three a day and it felt great each and every time.

Cold Compress – Whether it is a cold compress from the store, a cold cloth or even a frozen cloth (wet a cloth and place it in the freezer) these work amazing to help bring down temperatures associated with a fever. Remember, a fever is the bodies natural way of helping fight a virus and it’s actually a good thing!

– These are a great idea to help relieve the throat from its pain. I highly recommend making your own by simply blending fresh or frozen fruit with some honey for sweetness and freezing them. Store bought popsicles are loaded with sugar and sugar is the last thing their bodies need when they are sick.

Ice Cream & Jello
– I recommend no ice cream or jello. I know, I know…you hear all the time to have ice cream and jello when you have a sore throat. My reasoning, there is so much sugar in both of these items and that doesn’t help the body heal, also, milk is very hard for the body to digest and the last thing a sick child or their parents want is the runs.

And remember!

– when the virus has passed and you are feeling better you must throw out your toothbrush and replace it with a new one. The old toothbrush will be covered in the bacteria from the illness.


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