Sprint Cleaning: No That Isn’t A Typo

Sprint Cleaning: No That Isn’t A Typo

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They say it’s spring, although the two feet of snow in my yard belies that–yes, two feet. It’s true.

Spring means spring cleaning, a custom that I think is lovely. I do, in fact, empty my cupboards and go through the drawers regularly. I’d love to add in washing the walls and all the nit-picky bits real spring cleaning involves.

But for now, that’s not my life. I’m juggling kids, new business ventures, packing to move, etc. So instead of spring cleaning, here’s my new strategy: sprint cleaning.

Every morning, I make a to-do list. It’s just what I do. I usually do succeed in doing at least a couple of things and failing to do 15. It’s depressing. I tell myself that I will just catch up after the kids go to bed…and then I am too tired. However, I have found that I can do anything for 20-30 minutes.

Hence the sprinting.

I turn on my timer and work as hard as I can until the buzzer rings.

One of the reasons that I think this works well is that it can be a pleasing combination of multitasking and focusing. My husband keeps telling me that multitasking is “proven” to be inefficient, and I can see that frenetic activity sometimes accomplishes little. But I’m not going to just sit while the laundry washes; I’m not going to stop doing dishes while something bakes. I think my sprinting is a good middle-ground, as I can set some other task in motion before I set the timer. It truly is amazing how much you can get done in even 20 minutes of uninterrupted work.

I’m still trying to use my timer more frequently–I’d like to “sprint clean” each room a couple of times a week, as needed. However, at least I’ve discovered a tactic that helps me.

I’m sure my method would drive some of you batty. What tricks do you use to make housework more effective?

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