My Formula For Happiness: Free Sleep Consultation

My Formula For Happiness: Free Sleep Consultation

I’m pretty sure that after having a baby I instantly miss sleep. Sleep is the one thing that keeps mom and baby happy, without it life can be tough. In the first few months of my new baby’s life I was literally walking mombie. In order to give me piece of mind and some rest, my husband and I would take shifts feeding the baby. Rotating feeding duty was truly my “formula for happiness.” I was able to get several four-hour stretches of sleep a week thanks to that little “thing” we had going on.

My Formula For Happiness: Free Sleep Consultation

I’ve learned a few things since becoming a mom more than once. I’ve learned that sometimes it takes a few weeks for everyone to get into a good sleeping routine (okay, sometimes it takes months). Putting baby in a quiet and dark room can help them get into a sleeping routine even better. I’ve also learned that when the baby is sleeping in the house, it’s a great time for everyone to take a nap.

Since I’m all about learning even more about babies and sleeping, I was super excited when I got a chance to get a free sleep consultation sponsored by Gerber® Good Start® Gentle formula. I simply went to and scheduled my appointment. Are you wondering how you can get a free expecting and new parents by providing free, personal 1-on-1 baby sleep consultation? Gerber® Good Start® Gentle formula is partnering to provide these free consultations.

Thanks to this partnership, Christina Gantcher, is providing these consultations 5 days a week!

Just visit to find the online scheduler to sign up or call the Gerber Parents Resource Center 24/7 at 1-800-284-9488 and they can help schedule your appointment.

I loved talking to Christina and getting even more advice on helping my baby sleep better. We talked about getting a routine down at night to help baby know when it’s time for bed. I also learned that settling down and not stimulating my baby is another sure-fire way to get her asleep on time.

I hope you enjoy your free sleep consultation. Come back and let me know what you learned. We’re moms and can always share advice in a friendly and helpful way, right? See you back here after you’ve had your consultation.

This post was sponsored by Gerber® Good Start®, all thoughts are my own.

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