My Facebook Fast

I took a break from Facebook (My Facebook Fast) but told people I gave it up Facebook for Lent.


I took a break from Facebook (My Facebook Fast)

Perhaps you do not come from a background where Lent is celebrated–neither do I!

But I find it a useful practice.

The idea of Lent as I interpret it is giving up wrong practices for 40 days.

Why would you take them up again after 40 days? I don’t know.

I’m hoping I won’t.

At any rate, one thing I feel I should eliminate from my life is the mindless Facebook scroll.

I can practically feel myself drooling with sloth when I do it.

The easiest way to do this seemed to be eliminating Facebook altogether, even though I do use it for good reasons, too.

It has been my most successful Lenten fast yet…but oh, what an unexpectedly rocky road!


My Facebook Fast

Facebook News

I get my news, both personal and public, from Facebook.

I figure if I need to know about it, it will be big enough to break in someone’s news feed.

Now that I’m not on there, I have no idea what’s going on!

I know this has happened with national news, but I feel it most with personal.

Sometimes the only way I know whether to worry about someone or relax a bit is from their statuses.

My mom will say, “Did you see ______’s post?” and, of course, I didn’t.

I can hear about it second hand, but it’s not the same.


Facebook Drama

If there is one thing I hate about Facebook, it’s the drama.

So I took a break from Facebook.

I knew I would in no way miss this during Lent.

Unfortunately, I in no way AM missing it because people TELL me about it!

One of my oldest and best friends frequently posts things that my husband doesn’t agree with.

My personal conviction is that social media discussions about controversial matters are more divisive than helpful, but I think they each feel they are fighting for a cause.

To each their own.

But although they are both civil and intelligent in their comments, it stresses me out!

More than one person told me about their most recent exchange.


Facebook as a Resource

I’m working on figuring out next year’s school curriculum.

I normally rely on the advice of other home school moms in my Facebook groups when comparing materials, but with the fast, I keep having to hold back.

When I wanted to sign my son up for little league, I couldn’t find out how without Facebook.

People send me notices about great events and I have to quickly look away when I realize where my click is taking me.

When I look up the hours for stores, Facebook is more reliable.

I didn’t know about our 4-H bake sale until two days ahead of time because of the fast.

The fact is…I need Facebook.

It’s where the world is right now.

It is a daily inconvenience not to have it, and being off of it doesn’t even spare me the drama!

So I will resume my Facebook use when Lent is over, which was basically my intent.

I just hope I have built up my resistance to the temptation of mindless scrolling.

I took a break from Facebook and now I’m ready to re-start.

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