How To Get Your Older Kids Involved With The Younger Ones

As the kids get older, it is awesome to watch them with the younger ones. My heart always melts when I see my older kiddos helping out with the younger ones. Whether it is changing diapers or dinner time, here is how to get your older kids involved with the younger ones.

How To Get Your Older Kids Involved With The Younger Ones

How To Get Your Older Kids Involved With The Younger Ones

#1. Set a good example.

Of course, the #1 way to get your older kids involved with the younger ones is to set a good example. It amazes me how much our kids are watching us. You do not have to do anything incredible, but simply continue to be the best mom that you can be.

#2. Show them how to get involved.

While children naturally want to help, they do not always know how to help. You can get your older kids involved by showing them. Take them by the hand and be their teacher. Show them how to help around the house or learn something new. Kids are always more capable than we give them credit for.

#3. Let the older kids help with dinner.

Something that happens often around our house is letting the older ones help with dinner. Gerber Lil’ Bits are the perfect tool for older kids to help with the younger kids. Lil’ Bits are the perfect food for little ones at dinner time, but your older child can help them out. Whether it is opening the container or standing by to help your little one eat. We love Lil’ Bits around here because they are a great food to have around for a Lil’ one learning to eat. Seeing my older child beam with helpful delight is always awesome too!


One of the ways I use the Lil’ Bits is by mixing it with greek yogurt. We like to have a bit of dessert after our family meals and to keep the wee ones from missing out we mix up a little bit of special ‘ice cream’ for them. The recipe is so easy that your older kids can do it themselves. Take Apple Blueberry Lil’ Bits and mix it with the greek yogurt. That’s it! So simple and the kids love it. 

#4. Praise them for helping.

If you want to encourage your older kid’s involvement with the younger ones, make sure you praise the older ones. Tell them that they are doing a great job and that you appreciate their help so much.
What tips would you give? I would love to hear your advice!

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