Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey Craft


This year I have two little homeschooling preschoolers so we are learning about Thanksgiving in a few fun ways!

Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey Craft

We first take a trip to the library to pick out some great books to learn about Thanksgiving.

Some of our favorites are:

Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving
Ten Fat Turkeys
What Is Thanksgiving?
Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit!

After reading, we make a gratitude turkey.

I like to make a huge one on a poster board so it can be pinned on the wall and added to as we think of things we are thankful for.

I cut out a turkey body on brown construction paper, add some googly eyes, a gobbler and glue it to the board.

Then I cut out feathers on red, orange and yellow construction paper. (I do about 30.)

After we read some of the books I like to talk about things we are thankful for, and as we talk, I write things down on the feathers.

Then we glue the feathers to the turkey. I keep some feathers in a basket so we can add as we think throughout the week.

I love this because it really provides a fantastic opportunity to discuss things to be thankful for in daily life, as well as on holidays and how they are different.

You will be surprised, and touched at the things your kids come up with.

It is also a beautiful craft for the wall that you can set aside and date.

It’s definitely one for the keepsake box.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey Craft Supplies:

• Brown, red, orange and yellow construction paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Googly eyes
• White board

Share some pics of your Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey Craft, I would LOVE to see them!!!

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