How Your Child Can Find Joy And Success In Music

My daughter has always loved music. She was actually singing songs before she could even talk. It’s amazing how much music has helped shaped her into the young lady she is becoming. She is always finding ways to incorporate singing and playing instruments into her play time. Everything can be turned into a song, or a performance.

How Your Child Can Find Joy And Success In Music

How Music Can Help Your Child Develop and Grow

Since music is such a big deal in our home, I wanted to share with you how music can help your child develop and grow. I took music lessons as a child and truly believe that music lessons are one of the keys to helping children develop musically and in many other areas of development.

How Your Child Can Find Joy And Success With Music

Music gives children potential

It has been awesome to see my daughter develop through music. There is no doubt in my mind that further music lessons will offer her benefits in the areas of intellectual, social, and creative potential. I love seeing the potential my daughter has thanks to her love for music. Maybe she will join an orchestra, or start a band, her options are unlimited.

Improved language abilities and emotional development

As I mentioned, my daughter could sing before she could talk. Music lessons help children develop in so many ways, including in their language skills. I have also read that music education and/or lessons offer increased emotional resilience. Children can also have increased attention span and focus. Your child can also gain a lot of self-confidence from music education.

Improved IQ and academic performance

I look forward to the many years to come of watching my daughter’s IQ and academic performance improve. Many researchers have actually linked music lessons with improved IQ and academic performance. You can actually check out an entire study from The Royal Conservatory. It’s titled:  The Benefits of Music Education: An Overview.

Check out the Royal Conservatory

As a child, I took Royal Conservatory Piano lessons. My teacher was incredible. She was an amazing pianist and an excellent teacher. We still stay in touch today. There was no need to convince me that Royal Conservatory is the best choice for our family. But with technological advances, navigating my way around arranging these for my daughter is even easier than I expected.

Because I took Royal Conservatory lessons, I know a bit about the program. But to refresh my memory, I checked out the Royal Conservatory website, and I learned a ton. You can actually check out the National Music Teacher Directory to see who is available in your area. Whether you want piano, voice, instrument lessons, or music theory The National Music Teacher Directory has you covered. You get to choose the distance you are willing to travel and what discipline you want your child to study. Once you have found a teacher that meets these requirements, you and your child can arrange to meet them and see if they would be a good fit.

Music lessons create a wonderful future for our children. I look forward to watching the growth and development of my daughter as she progresses through her music education. I also love that I can help develop my child’s love for music with the help of these resources.

Do you plan on doing private music lessons with your child? Why or why not?

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