Campfire Banana Boats – Super Yummy and Easy

Camping is a time to explore, have fun, be outside and an opportunity to cook food in a different way. You don’t usually have access to a stove unless you have a camper. Banana Boats are fun, easy and always a great treat for the young and old.

Campfire Banana Boats - Super Yummy and Easy

What you will need: Tin foil, a knife, spoons and a campfire.

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Campfire Banana Boats – Super Yummy and Easy


1 banana (per person)

Bag of chocolate chips (1-2 spoonful’s each)

Bag of Marshmallows (1-2 spoonfuls each)

Sprinkles, cinnamon, maple syrup – all optinal.

Cut your banana length wise (peel and banana) making an opening for the good stuff.

Place in between the banana slices: chocolate chips and marshmallows – and other optional items if you wish.

Close the banana together and wrap tin foil around it.

Place in campfire for 5-10 minutes. Take it out after 5 minutes and double check that it’s not burnt, place back in until chocolate chips and marshmallows are melted.

When done, open up and eat with a spoon! This is one of the best treats and easy to make when camping or if you have a fire outdoors at your house. 


What’s your favourite camping/camp fire food to make?

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