Best Canadian Family Shows On Netflix #streamteam

Best Canadian Family Shows On Netflix

I’ve shared with you my love for Netflix before, but in honor of Canada Day, I wanted to dive into a few cool shows that are Canada specific. Here are my family’s top Canadian Shows on Netflix.

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Best Canadian Family Shows On Netflix



Goosebumps is an old show and might even go back to when I was a kid. Obviously, my kids aren’t old enough to necessarily watch this show with me, but I have to admit that I sneak in a few shows now and then. I also love that this show has some of Canada’s history in it because I know many other people (from other countries) who also enjoy this show on Netflix.

Erky Perky

This name in itself makes me laugh pretty hard. Erky Perky is totally appropriate for the whole family and just a fun Netflix series all together. My family loves this little Canadian show and we hope to enjoy it for many years to come.

Thomas and Magical Railroad

Do you love Thomas as much as we do? I am so giddy to know that this show is a part of Canada. If you haven’t seen this show on Netflix, it’s totally worth seeing. But be careful, kids can get obsessed with this little train and his friends!


Many parents probably have an opinion about Caillou, but my kids love it. It’s something we can turn on and enjoy together. Of course, there are also some good lessons to be learned. Haven’t seen this show on Netflix yet? Make sure you watch it, when you get a chance.

Canada Day!

Are you wondering how we celebrated Canada this year? Well, we took the time to visit a local parade and talk about the history of Canada. Since my kids are still a bit little, we will move onto crafts and more fun things as they get older.

How did you celebrate Canada day? I’d love to hear!

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