Why Your Toddler Needs A Strider

For years (three children to be exact) I have been eyeing Strider Bikes and just never pulled the trigger to get one. With my fourth son I made the decision. For his second birthday I wanted him to have a Strider Bike. I had heard amazing things about them, seen dozens of children riding them and heard reports about the speed in which children learned to ride a pedal bike after having a Strider. This is why your toddler needs a Strider !

Strider Bikes Canada

One thing I always keep in mind when making a purchase like this is resale value. Considering I am a big ‘used’ shopper (I do own FlipSize afterall), I want to ensure that an item can either be reused by subsequent children or can be sold easily and with a good return.

Enter Fraser Valley Balance Bikes, our local Strider Bike retailer. With the help of Lindsay, my son was able to pick out his first bike: A green Strider. His big brother (4) came along to help and was thrilled when Lindsay gave him a ‘big boy seat’ so that he could also use the Strider.

Honestly, I had high expectations of Strider. I can say without a doubt that I have not been disappointed. When we picked up the Strider my older son had just turned 4 and had only rode a bike with training wheels. Exactly one week after we got the Strider he learned to ride a pedal bike without training wheels. It was absolutely amazing to watch him learn balance and gain confidence and then take off with a ‘big boy bike’.

My favourite feature of the bike was the weight

I was initially shocked at how light the bike was. I was worried at first that it didn’t feel ‘substantial’ enough to withstand my rambunctious children. But it is sturdy. The weight of the bike is absolutely essential to help my toddler be able to maneuver the bike on his own.

Below is a video of Carson (4) riding the Strider with confidence.

For my younger son, he is still learning. But it is still cute to watch him ride.

And finally one week later, this happened!

If you are unsure if your child would benefit from riding a Strider, I can say unequivocally YES! It is now one of those purchases that I wish I bought 3 children ago.

Thanks to Lindsay from Fraser Valley Balance Bikes for the support and cooperation in making my son’s 2nd birthday so wonderful.

Do you, or have you used a Strider Bike? Thoughts?

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